• June 12, 2018
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How BI (Business Intelligence) will help your business to analyse

Business intelligence is a set of technologies and methodologies which allow businesses to transform the data they produce on an operational, day-to-day basis into meaningful information. Business Intelligence (BI) is a business strategy focused on using a company’s data. Business Intelligence Software is the tool used to analyse this data. It can be applied in various ways so that reporting is more structured, and employees feel empowered to find new opportunities for success.


Why Business Intelligence is important a company?
- Boost productivity
- To gain sales & market intelligence
- Results closer to established goals
- Return on Investment (ROI)
- Gain insights into consumer behaviour
- To improve visibility
- To turn data into actionable information
The equation is DATA + BI = Improved Business.
In an elaborated way, BI encompasses gathering, analysis and creating reports based upon that data. Interactive dashboards and data visualizing charts can be made for the presentation to make the decisions easier for the business people and any end-user. Since it is all a game of data, it is also known as Data-driven support System.
Top BI tools can be found out on this link:
Some data visualisation tools that can be very helpful are:
1. Tableau
2. Exhibit
3. Plotly
4. Excel
And many more.
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