One Team, One Heart, One Legacy

We know the strength of collective efforts against individual ones. So, we foster the culture of teamwork right from the beginning. Our thoughts are not divided, so we never have to face indecisiveness at all.

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What Makes Us Great Place To Work

We have invested enough to create Briskstar a great place to work in terms of infrastructure and work culture. Therefore, for the following reasons, you can label Briskstar as a great place to work.

  • Ultra-modern physical facilities
  • The latest hardware, software, and networking facilities
  • Cooperative and collaborative working environment
  • Working with a clear vision and mission
  • Transparent and unbiased leadership
  • Adequate career prospects
  • Employee-friendly policies
  • We foster a culture of creativity and innovation.
Our Team

Teamwork is the only way we work

We have supported the culture of teamwork right from the beginning. So, teamwork has become our default working mode!

  • arjun soni
    Arjun Soni
  • arun mudaliar
    Arun Mudaliar
  • paras vasiya
    Paras Vasiya
  • devendra kushwah
    Devendra Kushwah
  • dhruvit modi
    Dhruvit Modi
  • miral patel
    Miral Patel
  • parth panchal
    Parth Panchal
  • preeti kadam
    Preeti kadam
  • promis patel
    Promis Patel
  • kanu thakor
    Kanu Thakor
  • ajay kori
    Ajay Kori
  • gambhir makvana
    Gambhir Makvana
  • smit shah
    Smit Shah
  • roshan chauhan
    Roshan Chauhan
  • pankaj mehta
    Pankaj Mehta
  • jayesh oad
    Jayesh Oad
  • vikas sanghani
    Vikas Sanghani
  • jigar rughani
    Jigar Rughani
  • ankit khatri
    Ankit Khatri
  • dharmendra gurjar
    Dharmendra Gurjar
  • yaksh jethva
    Yaksh Jethva
  • rajat bhatt
    Rajat Bhatt
  • dharmin shah
    Dharmin Shah
  • rishabh patel
    Rishabh Patel
  • gaurav thakur
    Gaurav Thakur
  • komel lakhani
    Komel Lakhani
  • mona kotak
    Mona Kotak
  • maya kotak
    Maya Kotak
  • keyur padaria
    Keyur Padaria
  • dharmin bhalodiya
    Dharmin Bhalodiya
  • mayur sumesara
    Mayur Sumesara
  • ravi halvadiya
    Ravi Halvadiya
  • bhavin rathod
    Bhavin Rathod
  • nikita kalariya
    Nikita kalariya
  • umesh shah
    Umesh Shah
  • jhanvi gajjar
    Jhanvi Gajjar
  • deeksha shinde
    Deeksha Shinde
  • dhruv shah
    Dhruv Shah
  • jay patel
    Jay Patel
  • niket patel
    Niket Patel
  • hemal variya
    Hemal Variya
  • preeti soni
    Preeti Soni
  • rohit meghnathi
    Rohit Meghnathi
  • khushi  bambhaniya
    Khushi Bambhaniya
  • hemant patel
    Hemant Patel
  • milan adeshara
    Milan Adeshara
  • tejas agravat
    Tejas Agravat
  • arvind kataria
    Arvind Kataria
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