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Briskstar has been a known brand for decades serving global clients for years in the IT and software development niche. We have earned a reputation in the market for our quality deliverables.

Our software products and services aim to provide excellent user experience, best performance, and cutting-edge usability.


About Briskstar

It was 1997 when we were inspired to create a team of like minded software engineers, designers, marketers, and others as a software development company,

We always choose to face challenges instead of doing safe and repetitive work our risk taking approaches resulted in our enhanced skills and expertise in upcoming technologies.

We have served global clientele with equal zeal and passion and crossed our boundaries.


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We are predominately serving in the web and mobile application development arena. We are ready for Web 3.0 and quickly adopting upcoming technologies, such as AI, AR, IoT, Wearable, and Blockchain.

We work closely with clients and their business teams to deliver tailor-made solutions for their businesses and processes. Apart from development, our focus on creative design and innovation makes us a favourite choice in the market.

Similarly, our marketing team is miraculous in achieving their targets. They are experts in SEO, SMM, and other internet marketing technologies and techniques.

Thus, we are an amalgamation of

  • Software engineers
  • Designers
  • Business analysts
  • QA professionals
  • DevOps
  • Marketers
25 Years Of Digital Experience

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Meet Our Leadership

Over the Years, we have nurtured true leaders in our team who know how to leverage the available talents in the team and push the outcomes to the next level.

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Our Vision &

Our vision is to be a global leader in delivering excellence from our software talents, and in due course, we will extend our current growth to the next level.

Our mission is to enhance the quality of our software outcomes to the next level by providing excellent user experience, software performance, and usability.

Core Values

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    People Cohesion

    When needed, we come to gather as a single unit to reach our corporation's goals. We become one entity when we have to fight for greater causes of the corporation.

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    Briskstar's excellence unleashes our employees' individual and collective talents, inspiring a winning culture and creating a competitive advantage to deliver excellent outcomes.

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    Team Spirit

    We have collective feelings of pride and loyalty for the Briskstar that exist among the team members, making them want their team to do well or be the best.

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    Customer comes first

    Briskstar places the clients at the center of our organizational decision making instead of organizing around a single software product. Thus, we prioritize our client's target audience and the business's needs.

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We Can Save More Life With Your Helping Hands.

The growth of Briskstar is not only on how the team makes efforts but also on the contribution of our esteemed patrons, who can help us bring more business by spreading our word in their communities.

  • Our patrons help us to create a buzz in the market.
  • Our patrons can give good ratings and reviews to third-party sites.
  • Our patrons recommend us to their personal and professional circles.

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Technologies we work


Today creating a frontend for the web and mobile is beyond using standard web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JS. So, our expertise in various JavaScript-based frontend frameworks helps us to deliver modern UI & UX design for dynamic and interactive applications.

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Our business processes and requirements are getting more and more complex. So, our backend development exceeded their expectations in terms of features and functionality using modern backend technologies, including PHP, ASP.NET, Python, etc.

  • .NET Core
  • Node
  • PHP
  • Java
Mobile Applications

Our aim is to offer a mobile app for every device, and its OS (iOS & Android). Thus, we make native apps using their technologies and cross-platform apps using the latest frameworks, such as Flutter, React Native, and more.

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    React Native
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Cloud & Devops

We have unbeatable expertise in deploying applications on various Cloud services, including Google Cloud, AWS, and Microsoft Azure. Our DevOps are experienced in publishing websites and web applications for seamless user experience.

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    Google Cloud Platform
Emerging Technologies

We always look ahead and acquire skills in upcoming technologies, such as AI, AR, VR, IoT, Wearable, and Blockchain. Our positive attitudes towards emerging technologies give us several cutting-edge advantages, and our patrons receive direct and indirect benefits.

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We bring digital transformation to your doors by employing the latest digital marketing tactics, technologies, and tools. Our expertise in SEO, SMM, Paid Marketing, and other internet marketing are known in the industry resulting in a high ranking.

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    Email Marketing
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