WhatsApp for Marketing and Notification

28 Mar, 2019

WhatsApp is turning out to be a great avenue for small business owners to interact with their current clients and also acquire new customers. Many stores are using WhatsApp to answer pre-sales queries of potential customers and also to provide valuable after-sales service!
How to do WhatsApp Marketing? Data, Examples, and Tips to Boost Your Business.
Every day, WhatsApp gets a little bit closer to having 1 billion worldwide users.
That’s a lot of potential customers for any business, regardless of your niche. Almost any business could appeal to at least a handful of new customers when there are a billion in its audience. But how do you use WhatsApp for marketing in the first place? After all, it’s famously branded as “no ads, no games, no gimmicks.” So how do you, as a marketer, break into that network of millions?
The answer is surprisingly similar to text message (or “SMS”) marketing. You simply sign up, add a phone number, verify it, and start collecting opt-in users.
That means if you want to use WhatsApp APK for marketing, you have to set up a campaign that collects phone numbers specific to WhatsApp. Fortunately, all that requires is a checkbox or a form field, and you can organize a WhatsApp recipient list in no time
Features of WhatsApp Marketing system:
– A new and modern way to communicate with customers and friends.
– Make your message understandable and sufficient with 480 number of characters.
– A video is worth a Thousand words. Clarify your message by attaching a video or a photo.
For all above feature need database management alongside support for image, audio file and video file, response collection.
So, allow our digital marketing and we developers team to make your business successful with such innovative ideas. Contact Us now!!

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