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About Brisk Booking


Brisk Booking serves as a valuable digital business partner for service companies, providing a comprehensive range of capabilities. It facilitates online bookings, seamless payment processing, efficient management of finances, employees, and customers, while ensuring that all essential business records are meticulously organized, integrated, and up-to-date. With Brisk Booking, service companies can streamline their operations and focus on delivering exceptional experiences to their customers.


Features Of Brisk Booking System

  • Centralized system to manage nanny, customer, and booking.
  • Can book multiple services with different nannies in one booking.
  • Approve/reject the option of a Day off and Booking.
  • Auto assign nanny by the system.
  • Notification to Customer on each performed by a nanny for booking.
  • Multiple Currency support.

Benefits Of Brisk Booking System

Streamline booking calendar management
Effortlessly handle employee management
Conveniently check employee availability for bookings
Seamless booking system for customers through the customer portal
Review system for bookings and customer feedback
Simplified validation of customer orders and information


How Can Brisk Booking Helps you?

Specifically designed for higher education, Mentis helps you to streamline administrative and management functions in your university.


Smart Dashboard

Brisk Booking will provide a smart dashboard to view all organization data on a single screen for admin. We will also provide employee’s and customer’s dashboard to view the booking details.


All booking on a single calendar

Implement all of employees’ and customers’ calendars with Brisk Booking, and manage all bookings in one place. Forget about the nightmare of checking availability for each one of them individually. Brisk Booking will give a single calendar to view all the booking schedules for both employees and customers.


Increase your online reviews

Brisk Booking will streamline the review process, get client feedback on all of your employees, how they did, and if all went well, ask them automatically to post positive reviews on to Google Reviews, boosting your online bookings, and crushing your competition.


Automated Reviews and Feedback Systems

An automated review and feedback system streamlines the process of collecting and managing customer feedback, saving time and resources. It enables businesses to gather a higher volume of reviews, improve their online reputation, and make data-driven decisions. With sentiment analysis capabilities, businesses can quickly evaluate customer sentiment and identify areas for improvement. Embracing an automated review and feedback system empowers businesses to enhance the customer experience and drive continuous growth.

Case Study

Case Study


Founded in 2016 in India, we grew to become a major developer of the booking system. The company has offices in European regions.


There are few problems that businesses could face while operating. Some of the problems have been listed below :

  • Centralized system to manage all the entities e.g. Agencies, Employees, and Customer
  • Approve/Reject Enquiry or Booking
  • Report on the Dashboard for confirming and cancel a booking
  • The manual review process for the provided service or booking is conducted via email.


  • Role: Develop and Manage
  • Time Line:6 Months
  • Platform: Desktop and Mobile responsive
  • Team: Project Manager, UI/UX Designer, Backend Developer, Front end Developer, Sr. QA


Our business team and technology consultants invested significant time in understanding the survey, process nuances, and specific jargon related to the pain point. Additionally, they encountered various norms and documentation procedures involved in the process, aiming to find the ideal candidate for the institution.

Given the domain-specific requirements, our business analysts conducted multiple meetings with relevant client and extensively researched the entire recruitment process. Leveraging the analysts’ research, our technology consultants developed a tailored system with well-defined roles, processes, and verification protocols to cater to both pre and post-recruitment documentation needs.


The application has been made live, and the clients have enjoyed the experience so far. The client has initiated the conversation for the next customise development phase with a new level.

Business Goal

Our mission is to empower small businesses by providing user-friendly, secure, and flexible online booking systems. With a worldwide focus, our cloud-based SaaS products cater to the needs of nanny agencies, enabling them to streamline their operations and expand their business on a global scale. We are committed to creating a comprehensive solution that empowers agencies of all kinds to optimize their booking processes and fuel their growth.

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