Microsoft Orleans Benefits with Actor Model for Distributed Systems

28 Mar, 2019

Orleans is a framework that provides a straightforward approach to building distributed high-scale computing applications without the need to learn and apply complex concurrency or other scaling patterns. Nowadays, many customers are adapting it with .Net Core and Azure with Cosmos DB and building great distributed architecture.
The main benefits of Orleans are: developer productivity, even for non-expert programmers, and transparent scaled by default with no special effort from the programmer. We expand on both of these benefits below.
Microsoft Orleans is an implementation of the actor model, and many people have leveraged it to build highly scaled distributed systems while completely avoiding the pain of multi-threaded programming.
Cloud applications and services are inherently parallel and distributed. They are also interactive and dynamic; often requiring near real time direct interactions among cloud entities. Such applications are very difficult to build today. The development process demands expert level programmers and typically requires expensive iterations of the design and the architecture, as the workload grows.
Most of today’s high scale properties are built as a composition of stateless n-tier services with most of the application logic residing in the middle tier.
Orleans provides an intuitive way of building a stateful middle tier, where various business logic entities appear as sea of isolated globally addressable .NET objects (grains) of different application defined types distributed across a cluster of servers (silos).
Our team recently worked on such projects where we used Orleans and build API using .Net Core.

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