Difference Between Power BI and MSBI

Dharmin Shah
23 Jan, 2023

MSBI & power BI is both well-known administrations in the Business Intelligence entire world now. In this way, here’s an article looking at both, MSBI versus Power BI, for your audience.

Now, recall, MSBI can be really a commodity using ETL capacities. It concentrates, transforms & loads data, can sort out and imagine multidimensional information, whereas, Power BI is really a Data Analytics application offering data simulating skills, which includes data planning, information detection, and producing interactive dashboards. Thus, it wouldn’t be reasonable to think about both of these items.

Following are the criteria on which the comparison will occur for MSBI versus Power BI:

Definition / Implementation / Benefits / Learning Aspect / User Experience / Data / Definition


Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI) is a product with ETL capabilities. It can visualize and organize multidimensional data, along with the extracting, transforming, and loading (ETL) of data points. It basically transforms raw data into insightful business information.

The three categories into which MSBI is divided are given below:

SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services): The tool for integration

SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services): The tool for analysis

SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services): The tool for reporting


This Business Intelligence tool from Microsoft provides various modeling capabilities such as data discovery, data preparation, and the creation of interactive dashboards. Power BI can really help us make powerful business decisions. It can pull data in any form, be it images, videos, Excel sheets, or even a centralized database system, and visualize on top of it.

Power BI is broken up into a couple of components:

Power BI Desktop: This free application upon installing on your desktop, gives you the freedom to connect, modify, and visualize the data at hand. You can carry out data modeling by taking data from multiple sources and creating visuals and reports and sharing them with others in your organization.

Power BI Service: It is a cloud service in the Microsoft cloud offerings, which eases the sharing and collaboration of summaries and reports. It helps bring all the relevant data to one place.

Power BI Mobile Apps: They let us use the service on the go and not wait to reach our desktop to start working. This facility is supported on Windows 10, Android, and iOS devices.

Learning Aspect

Power BI is known as a graphical tool. Along these lines, through drag and drop, you can satisfy a large portion of your prerequisites. However, its experience forms are covered up and you can’t see how it forms inside.

In SSRS, the developer needs to do all the coding and planning of the report, consequently, the designer has a superior image of the procedure.

User Experience

Power BI has significantly progressively a graphical component when contrasted to SSRS. This makes the previous way progressively productive and simpler to utilize, making SSRS the more manual and troublesome alternative for investigation, and creating reports.


SSRS will be to get the pixel flawless, usable coverage. Power BI is above all else an analysis tool; it enables you to picture your data in various manners so as to permit further comprehension of your business.

Till today SSRS features plenty of existence nevertheless today Power BI has produced its existence understood around all domain names. The option in between Power B I and also SSRS will probably be driven and straightforward requirements. In case your business simply utilizes paginated accounts on-premises, you are going to come to a decision that SSRS can be a much cheaper alternative. On the opposite hand when you’ve they should leave analytical or interactive stories on-premises, or you’ve got SQL Server Enterprise Edition using software assurance, at that point Power BI announcing services will probably be your favored decision.

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