QuickBooker is a web application that is the bridge between customer and booking agencies which help to manage booking for the services.


Founded in 1990 in Switzerland, we grew to become a major developer of the booking system. The company has offices in European regions.

  • Date

    23 July, 2020

  • client


  • Project Type


  • duration

    6 Months

Business goal

Help to simplify online ordering for small businesses, European-focused, cloud-based secure, flexible booking systems for nanny agencies The company focused on making SaaS products to make a global system where any kind of small agency can grow their business using our product for booking.


There are few problems that businesses could face while operating. Some of the problems have been listed below :

  • Centralized system to manage all the entities e.g. Agencies, Employees, and Customer
  • Approve or Reject Enquiry or Booking
  • Report on the Dashboard for confirming and cancel a booking
  • Customize business rules and fulfill client requirements for booking


  • Role: Develop and Manage
  • Time Line:6 Months
  • Platform: Desktop and Mobile responsive
  • Team: Project Manager, UI/UX Designer, Backend Developer, Front end Developer, Sr. QA

Briskstar Approach

Our business analysts and technology consultants had to spend a lot of time in understanding the requirements of the client, the nuances of the process and the jargon and terminology of the system. Along with that, there were many different norms and documentation processes involved in the recruitment process to enroll and find the perfect fit for the institution.

Since there were a lot of domain specific requirements to be considered, our business analysts conducted various meetings with the respective authorities and conducted thorough research of the entire recruitment process. Since there were both pre and post recruitment documentation requirements, our technology consultants used the research of the analysts to create a truly personalized system with defined roles, process and verification protocols.
  • people-icon

    Discovering and identifying the needs based on the business priorities and critical business operations.

  • excellence-icon

    Complete solution for automation of the operations to reduce manual works.

  • team-spirit-icon

    Complete Synchronization between different systems to ensure smooth operations.

  • customer-icon

    Advance Reports System in place to plan business strategy. Market Analysis by on-site tours and recommendations for advancements.


The application has been made live, and the stakeholders have enjoyed the experience so far. The client has initiated the conversation for the next development phase with a new level.


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