Why do most people choose to go with Microsoft Azure?

Dharmin Shah
31 Jul, 2019

One of the most popular cloud service providers is Microsoft Azure for those who want to opt for Microsoft Cloud products and services. It is for Microsoft infrastructure for the cloud.

Needless to say that Microsoft products are ruling the industry and with the onset of cloud technology, Microsoft Cloud products are being used by the majority of the companies.

1) Microsoft is a tech company, and only that:
Microsoft was founded as a tech company and these roots have spread into their Cloud Services. Their tech RND can help create advancements in Azure.

In recent years, Amazon has been expanding more and more into new industries. There are two big concerns around this. The first is simply divided attention. The second is that as they expand into new sectors, they become a competition to many of their existing and potential customers. Most companies do not want to give money to the competition, rely on them for critical applications, nor trust them with company or customer data. A very public example of this is Wal-Mart’s declaration that all vendors must be on Azure.

2) Easy to manage all the Acceptance:
In Azure, there is a concept of Subscriptions, unlike AWS where we have different accounts. If you want to do something like getting all the list of all the resources across different subscriptions then it is much easier in Azure than AWS where first you need to build cross-account trust and then do it.

3) Azure App Service:
According to me this is the best PaaS offering by Azure. In AWS we have Elastic Beanstalk but it comes nowhere close to Azure App Service. There’s seamless integration with Custom Domains, SSL Certificates, CDN, Docker Containers.

4) Extensions: 
There are out-of-box extensions available in Azure like AppDynamics, Dynatrace which can help you with Application-level monitoring. This can be done in AWS but there’s no out-of-the-box solution available.

5) Global Scale:
Azure has a massive global scale, and continues to expand. Cloud development is a corporate focus (as shown by their approximately $10 Billion per year investment). Azure services are often built with this global scale in mind and thus work seamlessly across regions.

Microsoft has more than 30,000 miles of dark fibre connecting their data centres. Having this allows for secure connectivity. When communicating between regions, customers are not required to traverse the public internet. Because of this, Azure customers can reduce latency, stay more secure, and save on data egress charges.

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