What’s your biggest digital marketing problem?

28 Mar, 2019

In any marketing, there are different types of challenges. Some might struggle in budget and some with new start up to reach on top. We are going to talk about list of challenges and how we can overcome those ones to come up with best marketing strategies.
1) Small budget
2) Less conversion rate after visits/clicks
3) Competition in ranking
4) Ad blockers
5) Target right keywords
and many more…
I am going to write very limited on this topic but effective because there are so many things we need to do but how effectively that is important.
– Budget
A pain that we are all familiar with is that when budgets need to be cut, marketing is often the first to go. Despite its effectiveness, marketing is still seen as a cost centre, not a means of profit for an organization. But don’t fret, lack of (or reduced) budget does not determine the success of your marketing program.
Helpful Tip: Creativity doesn’t cost a thing. When budgets are cut you have two options: 1) Worry about how you’ll get everything accomplished 2) Find creative ways to push boundaries and show success.
– Time
Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, but some days feel like they’re made of mere minutes, not hours. You might start a day with five things on your list and end it with ten. And let me tell you from experience, that’s no way to live!
Helpful Tip: Time can be a big challenge, but there are some simple ways to manage time more effectively. First of all, get your big rocks out of the way first thing in the morning. If you don’t, they will loom over you like a dark cloud all day long and can actually hinder productivity.
– Generating Traffic and Leads
When you know you’re making the kind of substance your crowd needs, the concentration movements to advancing it in a way that influences your gathering of people to pay heed. Like never before previously, individuals are being overflowed with content. Shoppers don’t need to utilize a web search tool to discover answers. Rather, articles fill their news bolster or buzz in their pocket by means of portable notice.
With regards to giving ROI, there’s a solid case to be set aside a few minutes and assets to setting up joins between marketing exercises and deals comes about. This implies utilizing both marketing programming (like HubSpot) and a CRM arrangement (like HubSpot’s free CRM), and afterward entwining them to close the circle between your marketing and deals endeavours with an administration level understanding (SLA). That way, you can specifically perceive what number of leads and clients are created through your marketing exercises
Challenge is every where in the Market.
According to me the challenge in the Digital Marketing is to understand the traffic in your website. Majorly the challenge is the user behaviour, which changes every time.
For every business the user behaviour is different and major thing is that every user is different in surfing the website. Few users are slow, few of them are fast, few are very fast in taking decisions.
So we need to keep on improving in our marketing strategy. So the major challenge comes when you have to identify the user behaviour.
I have spend some more time on Google Analytics to understand the same:
– Goals
– Ecommerce
– Event Tracking
– Custom Dimension and Metrics
– Reporting
– Active Users
– BehaviourFlow Report
I hope above information is enough to focus and you can read few more blogs on our site to target the same. It will be surely improved.

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