What’s the Optimal Team Size for Workplace Productivity?

Dharmin Shah
28 Mar, 2019

Team size is a crucial component of maximizing workplace productivity. Is there an optimal team size?

It’s perfectly natural. We often ask ourselves: “What’s the optimal team size?”

And for good reason. Hiring people is a big deal. The performance of a company depends on their work, and they are typically a company’s biggest expense. In addition, the way people get along internally affects everyone’s happiness and ultimately impacts workplace productivity…..

We want the right team, with the right skills, doing the right work. Hire too few people, and there may be skill gaps; hire too many people and we run the risk of a bloated payroll and processes more complex than they need to be.

So we think, there’s gotta be an ideal team size. If only we could figure it out, or at least establish a rule of thumb so that we don’t screw up.

Thinking it through

Okay, so teams are helpful. But how big should they be? …It depends. (Sorry, had to.)

To get closer to the answer, think through:

– the team’s goal
 – the skills required
 – who will lead the team
 – how they will decide who does what
 – how they will communicate
 – how they will form and maintain memberships
Factors like these are what Moe Carrick describes as critical to a team’s cohesion, productivity, and health.

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