What if AI meets IOT? Possible thoughts and gaining competitive advantages on AI-IOT

28 Mar, 2019

The Internet of Things has been recognized as one of the recent trends. Currently we experience the early days of IoT in the market, and we already see that it changes the world as we know it. On the other hand the last decade has known fast progress in the Artificial Intelligence area. This tutorial reports on current and predicted future blend of these two technologies that will enable sensor-base real-time intelligent systems
Siri, “I am going to sleep” and it closes your doors, sets the thermostat, and dims the lights.’ Who will not be happy to have such technology? Such marvels can happen when we can get the benefits of AI and connectedness IOT.
IoT will produce a treasure trove of big data – data that can help cities predict accidents and crimes, give doctors real-time insight into information from pacemakers or biochips, enable optimized productivity across industries through predictive maintenance on equipment and machinery, create truly smart homes with connected appliances and provide critical communication between self-driving cars. The possibilities that IoT brings to the table are endless.
Nowadays, it becomes easier to develop things in AI with easily available IOT tools and below are true factors of it.
– Why now? because we have connectivity and cloud available with API economy.
– Devices (Gadgets and Programmable) are becoming widely available.
– APIs are now new patents for any new devices and can be easily available.
– Many weather APIs are there waiting for us to use it.
And yes, natural stupidity can be considered and we can think of making our globe more unique and easier by implementing such new robotics and drive our business to next level with great user experience. By doing this, both parties consumer and user will get benefits of our relative business and become use to latest technologies.
It’s time to let the machines point out where the opportunities truly are.
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