Usability Testing – A best practice – Why Usability Testing is much more important?

Dharmin Shah
31 Jan, 2023

“Don’t guess everything is just perfect. Know early, Test early & Fail early.”

Usability testing most often overlooked by stakeholders, but it can assure immense value gained from it. You can find good content, excellent images, much professional looks (i.e. for Web & Mobile), but Are they enough to build great “Customer Satisfaction”?
What is Usability Testing?
Usability Testing is the best approach to understand how real users experience your website or application. Usability Testing focuses on measuring the intended purpose for which a product or service has been designed.
Everyone has his and her own preferences; as with everything in life, different approach work for different people and different tasks. In this article, I’m going to discuss more about Usability Testing types as well as providing you screenshots of where someone has performed on the screen, i.e Heat Mapping, Click test, Navigation test & more. This can help you see if your website or application is presented in a logical manner, easy to navigate, easy to use, and having an enjoyable experience.
Just keep in mind while designing any website, application & product, and realise that a poor website leads an impact on people as poor service rendered in any other way.
Lets talk about some common Usability testing types in brief.
– First Click Test
– Moderated / One to One Test
– Heat Map Test
– Scroll Test
– Preference Test or A/B Testing
– Navigation Test
What stage of process to start Usability Testing?
When you’re going through initial design phase, it’s very difficult to say this design helps to generate Customer Satisfaction or add value to your business. With a small usability test you’ll to discover and focuses on those areas, which leads you to create usable design and will add more value to business.
It’s never a bad time to start Usability Testing. At least once a month, this helps you in gathering fresh and relevant information. Even if you re-run the same test you may end up with finding different results and discover new small changes that you’re thinking to do can make big difference. Each change will add up small value consider 1%, but you will find at the end that Usability helps to increase your revenue with 20 % or 30%.
Why not starts Today??
How we use Usability Testing?
When we’re designing, we should test our designs early (even in the wire-framing & prototyping stage) to ensure your design strength and to show clients the usability of our designs. This also helps to get involved clients very early on in the process and helps developing a user centric website or application. It also helps to show another of our unique distinction and gives us a unique selling point for our services or product.
In Summary
The design industry is a pretty crowded and competitive place. While you can stand out on your unique and fantastic design alone, the more you can add value to your services (within reason), and the more easy & usable you can make your designs, the better you will do in the future long term. Think of design as a quiz & puzzle – Usability Testing may be just one piece of improving your design, but you can’t complete the design without improving every last part of design.
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