Top 8 React libraries you should know

Dharmin Shah
31 Aug, 2020

1. Material Kit React

Created with inspiration from Google’s material design, Material Kit React builds a set of elements that put consistency as the main feature. That way, your web project retains a similarity in appearance and functions all through.

The general layout resembles multiple sheets of paper. This imparts a depth and order to the layouts. Three example pages are included. Not only will these pages illustrate what’s possible with this kit, but they also serve as templates where you can substitute text and images with your own.

The kit also contains a number of basic elements such as buttons, badges, sliders, menu, pagination, navigation bars, tabs, and pills. You’ll be able to customize the style, size, and color for most elements. The JavaScript elements include Modals, tooltips, date-time pickers, carousels, and popovers. Besides using the kit to start a new project, you can also restyle any old Bootstrap project. The pro version contains a lot more components, sections, and example pages.

2. Material-UI

Material UI is a set of components created by Google, that implements their famous Material Design. With over 36k stars on GitHub, it’s the most popular UI package of all React libraries. It’s simple, eye-catching, light, and user-friendly. It’s already been around for a couple of years, but thanks to constant updates, it hasn’t lost its popularity.

3. React Bootstrap

Next on our list of React UI component libraries is React Bootstrap, a UI kit that retains its Bootstrap core. In order to give you more control over the form and function of each component, it replaces Bootstrap’s JavaScript with React. Each component is built to be easily accessible, important for front-end framework building.

And since React Bootstrap doesn’t deviate much from its Bootstrap origins, developers can choose from the thousands of Bootstrap themes readily available. It’s earned 14500+ stars on GitHub.

4. Argon design System React

This library offers a free design system for Bootstrap 4, React, and React straps. It comes with 100 modern and gorgeous elements that are implemented in a fully-functional code, so you can switch from a page to the actual website effortlessly.

The Argon Design System offers per=built example pages and a handful of variations for all the components such as colors, styles, hover, and focus.

Take a sneak peek at the entire set of components, featuring basic elements, typography, navbars, alerts, images, icons, Javascript components, and more.

5. Blueprint

Blueprint is a React-based UI toolkit for the web built by the team at Palantir. It has currently been starred over 14,000 times on GitHub. It is arguably the best React UI library for data-driven projects like building a fintech user interface or interface for cryptocurrency or financial trade. It has very extensive documentation for frontend development and it has great-looking elements with nice finishes.

6. React Virtualized

If you are building React interactive interfaces for tables, grids, and large lists, React Virtualized is arguably the best UI component to use in your workflow. With over 16,000 stars on GitHub and regular updates with the last commit being last month. There are data-specific components you might not find anywhere else in the component list of React Virtualized like direction sorters and auto-sizers and masonry. Table configurations are also possible here. React Virtualized also comes with mobile support for Android and IOS out-of-the-box.

7. React Toolbox

React Toolbox is a set of React components that implements Google Material Design specification built on top of features like CSS modules, Web pack , and ES6. It has seamless Web pack integration and you can easily customize it. So much thought went into the documentation and it was also built using React Toolbox, there is a playground to test the various components in real-time. You can import components either individually or in bundles. It is being used by over 6,000 projects on GitHub and was last updated some months ago.

8. Rebass

Rebass is a React primitive UI component built with modern styling conventions in mind like styled components and emotion. It has 8 main components and those 8 have sub-components, all being really small in size. It has very responsive and at the same time very easily-theme able style properties. It has a flexbox grid with box and flex components, it has been starred over 5,900 times on GitHub and is very regularly maintained.

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