Techniques and Tools for Mobile application testing

28 Mar, 2019

The complexity of modern mobile applications requires thorough and detailed testing. QA team executes test cases that are designed to verify the product functionality and behaviour under specific conditions.
Tester focus on different types of network connectivity. Specialists launch an app in particular modes – offline, flight, etc. – as well as in diverse network types – Wi-Fi, GMS, GPRS, etc. Also, the network speed and user’s location is taken into account.
Test cases includes physical characteristics of mobile devices as they influence the proper work of mobile software. QA specialists review screen size and extensions, touch and gesture capabilities, camera characteristics, screen modes, etc., as are important for positive user experience.
Location-based applications and those that are integrated with GPS require the simulation of moving. Such solutions can be designed to track distance or monitor location. The proper realization of location-based mobile software is based on checking different ways of GPS implementation and efficient simulation of various locations.
The creation of every software product is user-oriented and user experience testing is its inevitable part. The level of UX defines product success. The test team checks whether the app is easy-to-use and intuitively clear. Usability test cases cover the app navigation, procedures of login and logout, layouts and other aspects of user interface.
If a mobile app is user-friendly but has poor functionality and contains numerous bugs, then users will prefer to utilize the product of your competitor. The aim of functional testing is to validate system features and capacities.
What does functional tests check?
– The team verifies the core functionalities of the system under test: main paths, input parameters, data lifecycle, etc.
– The installation and deinstallation procedure is tested.
– QA checks the app behaviour in case of any interruption: incoming call, notification, alarm.
– The interoperability capacity is also tested. App should properly interact with the most common embedded software – image view, video and music player and so on.
Some tools which are being used in market are:
1. Appium: It is a open source test automation framework for mobile web apps.
2. TestingWhiz: TestingWhiz allows you to automate mobile web testing for Android and iOS on a variety of browsers, operating systems and emulators. It is powered by Appium, which lets you automate tests of any native and hybrid mobile apps from UI level down to the complete back-end and functional-level testing on real devices and simulators.
3. Robotium: This is a test automation tool, used for Android development.
To begin with mobile app testing, I would like to suggest you to go for TestingWhiz, as it has the integration of Appium, which will indirectly help you to have a brief knowledge of these tools. Also this tool is considered as a code-less test automation tool, hence is considered as a user-friendly tool and easy to learn test automation tool. You can try its Free Enterprise version, by downloading it from their website and experience the various practices for automating mobile app testing.
Mobile testing is executed in order to examine the architecture of mobile system and ensure that it meets all specified requirements and operates in a proper way.

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