e-Commerce vs m-Commerce (Mobile commerce) key differences and public demand

28 Mar, 2019

Ecommerce is any business that sells products or services on the internet whereas Mobile commerce is a subset of ecommerce, specifically referring to transactions that take place on mobile devices.

Few Key Differences Between e-commerce and m-commerce are:
– e-commerce is defined as the performance of business activities with the use of the internet. When any sort of commercial transaction is transacted with the use of cellular devices, it is known as m-commerce.
– e-commerce is an older concept than m-commerce.
– m-commerce is originally developed on the lines of e-commerce. So it can be said that e-commerce is a part of m-commerce.
– e-commerce activities are concluded with the help of computers and laptops, whereas in m-commerce, smartphones, tablets, iPad, PDA’s (Personal Digital Assistant), etc are used.
– In e-commerce the use of the internet is compulsory but in the case of m-commerce the use of the internet is not compulsory.
– The connectivity of m-commerce is comparatively larger than e-commerce.
– m-commerce devices are easy to carry anywhere because they are light weighted which is not possible with e-commerce
People are using mobile as an integral part of their day-to-day lives and as an online marketer, you need to get on board. Your audience determines what marketing strategies you need to incorporate. What makes sense for one target base may not interact with the other, therefore you need to keep this in mind while formulating your mobile marketing strategy.
As per Google, nearly 60% of searches come directly from mobile devices. This number is huge and hence your content must be optimized for a seamless mobile experience.
Absolutely, M-Commerce can have more possibility than E-Commerce and it’s becoming more value with trending features with pointing nearby stores, Quick searches, photographs, graphics, bar code scanning, 3D views, price calculators and ratings all these and more can be easily accessed on your fingertips and when after Interactive Visual Content comes in with Augmented Reality, where as it works well for both consumers and vendors by enhancing the user’s perception of the real world with intelligent and delightful digital content, by offering real-time and delightful digital content content that pops up in an entertaining and informative manner.
We at Briskstar provides solutions on both e-commerce as well as m-commerce based on their business and targeted customers and making customer happy with right guidance. Contact Us now!!

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