Data analytics with Business Intelligence

28 Mar, 2019

Get the most out of your data, reap the benefits of BI tools. The business intelligence software market is large, vibrant and evolving. Learn the ins and outs to make sense of the options and experience the business benefits of BI tools.

There are few tools which are suggested earlier in below Blog but even if you use any tool, we need to learn how data analytics will be done effectively.

Link: How BI (Business Intelligence) will help your business to analyse

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence is focused on the future and answers to the questions such as-
– What will happen in the future?
– How can we make it happen?
– How can we avoid unwanted situations?
Analytics of things
Analytics of things is next buzzword after the popularity of the Internet of things(IoT). Internet of things (IoT) generates a massive amount of data which Analytics of things (AoT) analyses to make a decision relevant to the business. Analytics are decisive to make connected devices smart and to make perform intelligent actions. Analytics of IoT devices makes them more efficient. AoT analyses the huge data generated by IoT and only by analysing the data becomes meaningful and not by collecting them.
However, IoT itself is evolving and AoT is at an incipient stage. One of the major challenges that AoT faces is Data Storage issues of real-time data that IoT generates. The data generated by each sensor is sizable and managing such huge data is a difficult task. Two major challenges faced by businesses are avoiding junk data and ensuring data privacy. It is vital to protect the data generated from devices, especially at confidential places.
Security Analytics
Recently cyber-attacks are creating a lot of hype. Using Analytics, businesses can begin to proactively identify possible threats and enable timely detection and mitigation of such attacks. Big data security analytics helps the enterprises to scrutinize through a hefty amount of data generated inside and outside the organization to unwrap the hidden relationships, detect patterns and remove security threats.  Privacy policies are enhanced with security analytics. Analysing data from the Internet, smart devices, and social media can help law enforcement detect criminal threats better and collect evidence. Instead of waiting for a cyber-attack, organizations can address it proactively. Innovations in appliances, security software and services have automated many detection and blocked tasks, resulting in improved protection from unwanted cyber-attacks and intrusion-prevention systems.
Cloud Analytics
With the data and apps en-routed towards cloud Analytics and Business Intelligence can’t be far behind. The presence of cloud everywhere is nothing new for those who stays up-to-date with Business Intelligence trends. With time fear of moving crucial business data online is reducing and entrepreneurs learned how to embrace the power of cloud analytics, migrating most of the elements- data sources, data models, processing applications, computing power and data storage to the cloud. Some of the examples of cloud analytics products and services include hosted data warehouses, SaaS Business Intelligence tools, and Cloud-based social media analytics.
As we look into the future powered by Analytics, Cloud computing, Business Intelligence, driverless cars, and emotionally aware robots, real life technology is rivalling and even outweighing everything we’ve seen in science fiction. It’s thrilling to watch how these trends will play around and change the way we work and live.
However, each BI tool have different features within and hence analysis can be done based on business and client inputs. Data analysis plays an important role out of all this and hence it can be done extensively with such tools.

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