Real Estate Solution

Real estate solution offers a centralized platform for accessing data from various commercial properties across different websites. Users can also create personalized websites with their branding and data. They have the autonomy to manage these sites and access data from other connected sites within the system.

  • Platform

    .NET Core, C#, Angular, Laravel, WordPress, MySQL Server

  • Industry

    Real Estate Solution

  • Countries

    United State, Canada


Real estate solution websites are for agents and brokers to manage properties. They pay a subscription to access it. They can view details and documents for properties and can also collaborate with properties from other agents or brokers.

There's an admin area to manage properties and leads, with stats and reports. They can make offers, track progress, and talk to agents easily. It's all about making real estate easier for everyone involved.

  • Started Year


  • Countries

    United State, Canada

  • Duration

    4+ Years

  • Project Type

    Real Estate Solution

Business Goal

Our approach to driving an integrated lead generation strategy is to constantly re-evaluate the go-to-market strategy rebuilding the value proposition each time We have successfully driven hundreds of sales spending vast amounts of money to churn around 10 times the growth revenue than any other digital agency can deliver attributing to only 1% of the sale value, the cost per lead has been crucially optimized to deliver a better result than even before.


There are few problems that businesses could face while operating. Some of the problems have been listed below:

  • Developers do not know where to start the digital journey.
  • How to choose the right digital channels to drive towards the best quality lead that increases the sale
  • Most real estate players do not clearly define the boundaries of what makes a good marketing strategy.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Roles: Design, Development and Manage
  • Timeline: 4+ Years
  • Platform: Desktop and Mobile Responsive
  • Team: Project Manager, Sr. Frontend Developers, Sr. Backend Developers, Sr. UI/UX Designer, Sr. QA.

Briskstar Approach

Our team had to spend time in requirement gathering as well as the business logic for the specific domain. Along with that team processed various ideas to enhance the usability and quality. Though there are lots of functionalities to be covered in the plugin, the team used many effective ways to simplify the development with technical knowledge and tools to optimize the plugin development process.


Discovering and identifying the needs based on the business priorities and critical business operations.


Complete solution for automation of the operations to reduce manual works.


Complete Synchronization between different systems to ensure smooth operations.


Advance Reports System in place to plan business strategy. Market Analysis by on-site tours and recommendations for advancements.


As the plugin is developed and integrated with the website the end users really enjoyed the UI and it is easy to use for every stakeholder. Even stakeholders are really enjoying the ease of business using the plugin, Client initiated the more functionality enhancement in the plugin.

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