Magento Vs Shopify: Which is the Best eCommerce Platform in 2020?

05 Oct, 2020


In this digital world, it is very essential to transform your business online. There is a drastic change in the perspective of thinking of the audience in this changing world. Once you make a decision of switching your business online then the main problem is selecting the right e-commerce platform for creating, managing, and maintaining your business. This is mainly a first priority task and also very important for the business which is small and has fewer resources and budgets. The selection of the right e-commerce platform is very substantial because it overall designs the architecture of your business.

Magento or Shopify comes to mind for all the merchants as it is the most popular e-commerce platform till now. Even though both the platforms are different but the race of being best is still going on. Here we are going to discuss the strength and weaknesses of both the platforms and will help you to choose the best among them. When it comes to popularity then the Magento wins the race but if we discuss the biggest competitor of Magento then Shopify is present in the market. Let’s discuss all the points one by one in this article.

Magento Ecommerce Platform:

Mainly, the Magento platform is open-source. It is very effective to create your store and also becomes attractive by adding the third party extensions in features and contains no limitation to create as per your requirement. Magento is self-hosted and is used by all the big brands. Magento also provides SEO and if you are a small business person or having a large business it is suitable for both just give some time in it and create your well-equipped online e-commerce store with Magento.

– Feature-rich and Ease of Use.
– No design limitation.
– Strong SEO and SEO features.
– Built-in 1-click selling.
– Excellent Speed And Performance.

– Steep learning curve.
– The cost of hosting and adding Third-party extensions becomes costly.
– Easily slowed down.
– No Magento support.

Shopify Ecommerce Platform:

Basically, when it comes to Shopify it is a hosted e-commerce platform where there is no cost of hosting and any technical issues. It gives good performance for all small as well as big business. When you start using it you will find it a bit easy but many times the features use are a bit complicated. Just give some time and it will set up your store which seems to be very less time-consuming. Hence, if you are carrying a small business then Shopify will be the best option for you.

– Beginner-friendly and easy setup.
– Very fast load time speed.
– Customer support available.
– Easy to integrate your store with other platforms

– A transaction fee is charged per sale.
– Not able to customize everything.
– Very poor in SEO.

Which Ecommerce Platform Works for Who

Magento: big teams with lots of resources.

If you’re a well-established business that has a large budget to devote to e-commerce and a lot of developer resources to put toward site set-up and maintenance, then Magento might be the right choice for you. Magento can provide opportunities to customize your site to your exact specifications, provided you have a team of developers to work on the project. Keep in mind that there are a limited number of qualified Magento developers out there, so make sure you have some who have the bandwidth to complete your project.

Shopify: small shops wanting to get online.

New to e-commerce? Shopify offers great features for those that don’t have experience building online storefronts. It’s a good fit for businesses that just want to take their small business online and get it up and running.


Therefore, choose wisely and be sure twice where both the platforms are equally equipped with rich features. I hope the above information helps you in selecting your business. You may also hire a certified Magento developer for personal guidance to build your Magento store. 


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