Free code repositories: GITHUB vs BITBUCKET vs GITLAB: which one to choose and why?

28 Mar, 2019

App building is not the most simple thing that has ever been developedby humanity. Despite  the fact that you, as a developer, need various professional skills, there is also a need for various additional tools and technologies that may help you arrange an application or a website in a proper way. One of the most popular and widely used technologies for app development, which acts as extra help to the developer,includes the various free source code repositories.
However, there is an important problem. Not all of the beginner developers really know which repository to choose and upon which platform to operate. This is why, in this article, we decided to arrange a comparison of the most popular repository management services, which may be really nice for any programmer whose aim is to  create  an application of almost any complexity. So, let us start the competition.
To be honest, there is no clear answer to this question.This is because,usually,if we are talking about something related to coding, the only valid answer to any question is may be “It depends”. This is why the comparison of the most important and popular online coding repositories may be the best way to figure out the best. However, I am deeply convinced that you have to keep in mind the fact that any choice here is strongly linked to your needs and aims as a developer.
GitHub is an open-source platform, which was first developed by Linus Torvald for Linux devices. However, today, the spectrum of its functionality has become much bigger. The very first positive thing here is the fact that the platform was built using  a special GNU GPL license nr.2. That may be one of the best evidences of the quality of that product.
That is also a great platform for group coding, which is really nice   if you’re thinking of  creating  a pretty big project but you have no desire and the opportunity to spend a lot of time and money on some expensive and highly professional hardware. Finally, the use of GitHub may also allow you to operate with a tool of high compatibility, which will make the project  you want to develop a better one in  comparison with others.
Bitbucket is not a famous repository platform like GitHub. However, it also has several pretty interesting beneficial features. First of all, we have to keep in mind that, thanks to BitBucket, you can use your project, store it and develop in almost any  platform  you can think of. If you are trying to implement a project for iOS with  this repository, you may not have to worry about such things as bugs and errors. The developers and the platform itself have already done everything for you. This is one of the  features that make Bitbucket different from the others.
Lastly, we have to mention a new system of bug detection that is called JIRA. It is based on a classical method, but the main point here is  that everything is done in a much faster and precise manner.
The only difference may be  that the developers of GitLab decided that the creation of a much  simpler design will be  beneficial . And that is true. Thanks to the developers, GitLab is one of the most user-friendly and simple platforms for  users. As a result, it is considered the best platform for learning by a lot of  developers. Thus, if you’re a beginner programmer, GitLab is what you need. Finally, another difference is the  existence of the premium version, which is really nice, to be honest. Functionality there is much bigger and comfortable, while the entire operational speed is higher.
GitHub supports:
– Git, SVN, HG, TFS import.
GitLab supports:
– Git import;
– Easy import from the most popular services.
– We cannot state that any of these services overcome others since they are multipurpose services. Pay attention to the following scenarios.
Need an open source code solution? Choose GitLab. GitHub is the best option for those who work on an open source code project.
With GitHub, everything is hosted. With GitLab (CE), you can host your own Git Server on premise, if you are in a corporate environment – Alternatively, you could also setup your private Git Server on AWS or DigitialOcean by deploying GitLab (CE) on a Virtual Machine.
GitLab also comes with a pretty slick (GitHub like) Web UI for browsing and managing your Git repository.
Still, I can add more lines but above are enough information from which you can decide which one to use.

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