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Do you wish to leave a lasting impression on your web visitors? Sitecore is the platform that lets you create attractive websites and web applications with your desired features and functions. In addition, it is far more cost-effective compared to other CMS solutions in the market.

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An Outstanding Sitecore Development Company

Briskstar is an accumulation of talented Sitecore designers and developers. We are among the rare talents available on the web to justify your Sitecore development projects. We strictly stick to our quality bars and always try to deliver quality outcomes at cost-effective rates.

Our Value-adding Sitecore Development Services

Briskstar is a leading Sitecore development company that offers a wide array of Sitecore development services under one roof. Our services include

  • Sitecore consultancy
  • Sitecore website development
  • Sitecore web application development
  • Sitecore e-commerce store development
  • Sitecore enterprise development
  • Sitecore integration services
  • Sitecore migration services
  • Sitecore support and maintenance services

Key Benefits of Our Sitecore
Development Services

Sitecore is an open source and has several advantages, such as...


Marketing Automation

Sitecore supports automatic email sending and other marketing scheduling and automation features. It makes marketing simple and quick.


Real-time Personalization

Personalization is easy with Sitecore. It lets you do one-on-one ads for each customer. In addition, it enables you to adjust your messages according to context. Thus, your marketing becomes contextual and relevant.


Multi-channel Marketing

Sitecore lets you repurpose existing web content across different platforms and provide insights into customers’ interactions or behavior. Such features are available in EXM and social connector modules in Sitecore.

Our Refined Sitecore Development Process

  • Discovery
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Development
  • QA
  • Deployment

The Flexible Engagement Models

A team of certified Sitecore developers backs us. In addition, we have developed customized and customer-centric engagement models. As a result, our plans are flexible and address your budgetary constraints well.


Our Expertise in Sitecore Development Technologies


Sitecore is a marketing-supporting technology with an alluring front end. You can use ASP.NET technologies to create its front end.

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript

Sitecore is an ASP.NET-based CMS platform. We used to create a user-friendly backend using DotNet technologies.

  • Sitecore
Project Management

We allocate a project manager to each client to aid in understanding technical nuances. We also give our clients direct access to the team.

  • JIRA
  • Basecamp

We use SQL and NoSQL database management solutions to ensure smooth data exchanges and data security.

  • MySQL

Our third-party software and services integration remains seamless and completely secure in extending the functionality of applications.

  • CRM
  • ERP
  • POS

Our marketing team is accustomed to built-in martech tools available in Sitecore and leverages it the most in favour of modern digital marketing.

  • SEO
  • SMO

Frequently askedquestions

Sitecore development has several advantages, including

  • Robust functionality
  • Desired flexibility
  • Exceptional scalability
  • Stunning security
  • Robust APIs
  • Easy deployment

Sitecore is an easy-to-use content management system with the following use cases.

  • Being a CMS lets you edit, add, or delete content without programming knowledge.
  • You can upload, resize, and crop photos using your browser in Sitecore.
  • You can insert audio and video content.
  • You can embed Google Maps in your web pages.
  • You can create and publish online forms without the help of developers.
  • Sitecore has built-in technical SEO support.
  • It lets you track traffic, campaigns, and conversions.

Our clients prefer us for their Sitecore development for the following attractions.

  • We offer flexible and budget-friendly engagement models.
  • We have 100% transparency, so there is no hidden charge.
  • We have a capable team of Sitecore designers and developers with years of experience, which is rare in the market.
  • We offer timely delivery without compromising on quality aspects.

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