Quick Booker

Flexible booking system for a Nanny(Employee)

Quick Booker is a digital business partner that service companies need. It accepts online bookings, payments, finances, employees, and customers, and keeps all business records organized, integrated, and up-to-date.


React, .NET Core, MongoDB


Nanny service




Google Calendar, Stripe, XERO

Business Problem

Transcending to build a flexible booking system with a single service for business purposes. But our client comes with a suggestion by looking at some other system to make a booking with multiple services with the purchase of a plan(subscription).

The idea was good and we have made it as per client business rules, To solve client business purposes.

What's Different?

The SaaS platform is designed for agencies to manage their daily business activities efficiently. The web application supports multiple user roles including Super Admin, Admin, Employee, Customer, and Guest login, with each user having their own dashboard to view their daily activities.

  • Advanced Review Fetching: This feature is ideal for any service provider. Users can leave reviews that are visible to the agency on a single page. Reviews can be marked as favorite, and based on the review, an automatic email is sent to the user.
  • Dynamic Email Templates: Admins can create dynamic email templates tailored for review agencies and nanny service providers. The feature allows for scheduling emails to be sent on specific days and times.
  • Job Sheets: Employees can fill out job sheets once a service is completed. These sheets require admin approval before being finalized.
  • Multiple User Roles: The platform supports Super Admin, Admin, Employee, Customer, and Guest login, with each role having a personalized dashboard.


  • Multi-Service Management: Implementing functionality to handle various types of services within a single booking process.
  • Security: Ensuring robust security measures for data protection and user authentication.
  • Color-Coded Calendar: Developing a feature to display services with different colours on the calendar based on service type.
  • Google Calendar Integration: Integrating Google Calendar with automatic authentication to avoid manual user intervention.
  • Dynamic Email Sending : Creating a system to send dynamic emails with customizable "from" addresses based on the context.
  • Data Scraping: Implementing scraping features to retrieve organizational data efficiently.

Key Features

  • Centralized system to manage nanny, customer, and booking.
  • Can book multiple services with different nannies in one booking.
  • Approve/reject the option of a Day off and Booking.
  • Auto assign nanny by the system.
  • Notification to Customer on each performed by a nanny for booking.
  • Multiple Currency support.

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