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Our MySQL Server technologies can save time and money while empowering small to large websites, business-critical applications, and combined software. We help your data-driven applications to achieve millisecond inactivity and huge throughput while progressively adjusting expense and performance.

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Server Technology

A One-stop MySQL Technology Company

Briskstar is a MySQL technology company. We derive innovation and support mission-critical database deployment using MySQL Server technology. We give your applications unmatched reliability and flexibility. Using MySQL technology, we ensure high-performance storage, data encryption, and optimization of storage and data processes.

Our Valuable MySQL Technology Services

  • MySQL Data-driven application development
  • MySQL integration
  • MySQL upgrade and migration services
  • MySQL security services
  • MySQL operation automation
  • MySQL auditing services
  • MySQL architecture support
  • MySQL performance tuning & optimization
  • MySQL backup and restore services
  • MySQL support and maintenance services
  • MySQL network infrastructure services

Key Benefits of Our MySQL
Technology Services

You can avail the following key benefits of our MySQL technology services.


Strong Data Protection

We ensure strong data protection for your applications with our MySQL services from various threats, breaches, and vulnerabilities by providing end-to-end data encryption and implementing other security measures.


High-performance Solutions

We configure MySQL integration for fine-tuning and high performance. In addition, we ensure high-speed data interactions and exchanges. Thus, we deliver high-performing solutions with MySQL technology.


Scalability & Flexibility

We have the hands-on expertise to leverage various features of MySQL Server to bring database scalability and flexibility to your applications. Thus, your database will scale up or down with the size and load of your application.

Our Refined MySQL Server Services Approach

  • Orientation
  • Setup
  • Design
  • Development
  • QA
  • Administration

Our Flexible Engagement Models

We take client-friendly approaches while planning and customizing our engagement models. So, you will find most of your requirements met diligently.


Frequently askedquestions

MySQL is a database service. It is a fully managed Oracle Cloud infrastructure native service. It is developed, organized, and supported by the MySQL team at Oracle. It’s written in C & C++. It stores data in a structural fashion. Thus, it helps businesses to keep and manage data efficiently.

Oracle automates back and recovery tasks. It also offers database and OS (operating system) patching. As a result, developers only need to manage their data, schema design, and access policies.

  • It is open source.
  • It is quick and reliable.
  • It is scalable.
  • It contains multiple data types.
  • It supports various character sets.
  • It provides a secure interface.
  • It supports large databases.
  • It comes with many client and utility programs.

For the following reasons, MySQL has gained popularity.

MySQL is scalable, so you can use it in any size of environment. It is used in large data centres and processes high volumes of data. Therefore, it is widely used in e-commerce implementations to develop more streamlined and efficient solutions.

We can configure MySQL in a variety of ways. So you can ensure availability in several mission-critical applications. In addition, MySQL operates with no downtime because it uses cluster servers and replication strategies.

MySQL ensures a secure connection using encryption technology. Moreover, MySQL protects financial transactions by treating them as a coordinated unit. Thus, if any stage of the operation is not complete, the transaction fails.

MySQL runs on any OS and supports their installed hardware.


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Briskstar has an expert and experienced team of MySQL technology. We have a proven track record serving global clients for their MySQL needs. Would you like to discuss your next project using MySQL technology?

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