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Our UI design strikes a balance between visual appeal, usability, and functions. We design intuitive navigation and a clear layout to provide the best user experience. In addition, our responsive design is befitting to various mobile screens beautifully.

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An Avid Mobile App Design Company

Briskstar is an avid mobile app design company serving global clientele. Our wealth of experience comes from years of hard work to emerge as a UI & UX design company. Our mobile app design has satisfied a variety of requirements from patrons representing diverse domains. Our deep knowledge of different industries and business niches amalgamates with our design expertise and yields a functional and viable app solution in the palms of their customers.

Our Valuable Mobile App Design Services

  • Mobile app UI design
  • User and competitive analysis
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Usability testing
  • Mobile app design consultancy
  • Mobile app UX design
  • Mobile app UI revamping
  • Mobile app UX audit
  • Mobile app design support & maintenance

Key Benefits of Briskstar for Mobile App Design Services

We add value to modern businesses through our CakePHP web development. Our service comes with certain advantages, including:


Interactive UX

We use manual gestures, fluid touch gestures, and interactive UI design to enhance the user engagement of your mobile application. We make user interaction smooth using smart UI elements and the best code.


Enhanced Brand Identity

The sole aim of our mobile app design is to connect your target audience with your brand. Moreover, we convert your visitors into loyal customers by providing a smooth and fluid customer journey.


Boost Conversion Rate

We create an attractive mobile app design that brings traffic. Our intuitive navigation schemes and excellent UX design engage them further. Our clear and crisp UI design results in a high conversion rate.

Our Refined Mobile App Design Process

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    Information Architecture
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Our Flexible Engagement Models

With years of experience, we learn the client's requirements and concerns when they go to make hiring decisions. So, we have crafted flexible and comprehensive engagement models.


Our Expertise in Mobile App
Development Technologies

Sketching Tools

We use digital sketching tools to create preliminary sketches of mobile UIs. Sketches give us a rough idea of various UI elements needed in the design.

  • javascript
  • javascript
Wireframe Tools

Our wireframe design focuses on space allocations, content prioritization, available functionality, and intended behavior.

  • javascript
  • javascript
    UX Pin
  • javascript
Prototyping Tools

With interactive prototyping, we weave visuals, navigational elements, and interactions together. So we can know how the design will behave and feel.

  • angular
  • rxjs
Persona Tools

We use persona generators and templates to visualize key differences between groups within your target audience. Tools make the assembling, designing, and sharing process easy.

  • mysql
    UX Design Kit
Empathy Maps

Empathy maps are split into four quadrants: says, thinks, does, and feels. It helps the team to gain deeper insights into the target audience. For example, the persona is based on fictional users, but the empathy map is based on real people.

  • crm
    UX Design Kit
Customer Journey Mapping

We use customer journey mapping tools to collect and present data (qualitative + quantitatively) about how users behave while interacting with your app. It helps to give insights into the buyer persona.

  • seo
    UX Design Kit
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Frequently asked questions

We follow a unique strategic approach to mobile app design. It involves the following steps.

  • Apprehension: we determine functional and technical requirements.
  • Research: ethnographic research, metrics, and analytics, UX review, user testing,
  • Information architecture: user stories, group content, hierarchy,
  • Wireframes: concept sketching, functionality exploration, prototyping,
  • Mockups: brand identity integration, high-fidelity mockups, prototypes,
  • Delivery: style guides, technical aspects, UX deliverables,

We consider the following things prior to jumping on mobile app design.

  • The app's information architecture must align with the user's mental model.
  • It must have a self-evident layout for the navigation scheme.
  • Finger-friendly touch points.
  • Responsive content and graphics.

For the following reasons, you must prefer Briskstar for your next mobile app design.

  • Quality assurance.
  • Quick support.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • After-sales services.
  • Expert and experienced team.
  • Strict NDA.
  • 100% satisfaction.
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