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It is usual for project managers to feel stress while managing any project, whether small or big. Jira is a useful and highly used project management software in the market that reduces stress by providing exceptionally usable tools and features for project management.

Thus, projects get finished on time and without much hassles to achieve good quality outcomes. Jira smoothers the entire process.

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A Leading Jira Project Management Technology Company

Briskstar is a leading Jira project management technology company that has been working with global clientele for years. We make the project experience a breeze by giving the best client experience by employing Jira's capabilities. Jira keeps every stakeholder happy by providing a smooth workflow and tasks accomplishing experience.

Our Valuable Jira Project Management Technology Services

  • Jira consulting services
  • Jira integration services
  • Jira customization services
  • Jira setup and configuration services
  • Jira migration services
  • Jira support and maintenance services

Key Benefits of Our Jira Project Management
Technology Services

The following are key benefits of our Jira project management technology services.


Workflow Management

Jira helps you to define work to do. So, everyone knows the present and next steps. So, no task is left behind. If anyone gets sluggish, others are ready to reach for help.


Task Details

Jira lets you enter required task details upfront. Moreover, all the task info and feedback have been tracked. Thus, everyone knows what is going on. As a result, your project development is missing nothing at the end of each task.



Jira provides excellent reports on everything in your project management. You will find all the information in one place. You can ensure nothing slips in the project because your team truly reports on the project and task progress.

Our Refined Jira Project Management Development Process

  • Initial Evaluation
  • Analyse
  • Integration Build
  • Test
  • Implement
  • Validate, Enrich, & Expand

Our Flexible Engagement Models

We have carried out thorough research on clients' requirements before planning our engagement models. So, they are flexible and budget-friendly.


Benefits of Jira Project Management Technologies


People want to be heard, not told, and Jira provides tools to share ideas and research with the rest of the team. Thus, they can collaborate easily.


Jira enables a project manager to encourage all participants to share their ideas and viewpoints. Jira encourages inline comments.


Jira lets project managers issue alerts when they see any misalignment in the team. @Mentions draw the attention of the team and react.


The Confluence tool in Jira allows you to record and organize all important details of your project. Including meeting notes, product requirement docs, project scopes, research, and milestones.


Jira Core and Confluence enable team managers to allocate tasks and make the transition easy to executant and tracking. Thus, you will quickly get your team up and running on the project.

Jira Core

Jira Core enables the team to set workflow in the following steps.

  • 1. To-do
  • 2. In progress
  • 3. Under-review
  • 4. Reject
  • 5. Done

Frequently askedquestions

Jira is an Atlassian software product. It was initially released as a pure issue-tracking solution in 2002 for software developers. However, with the pace of time, it evolved as a full-featured project management tool for the software development industry.

Jira lets you create project tasks, plan, track tasks, generate reports, and automate the entire project management process on a single platform.

1. Jira supports Agile Development.

2. Jira is good at tracking projects.

3. It lets you track time with colors as indicators.

4. It offers multiple options for search.

5. You can get reports in Jira in multiple formats.

6. The Jira ecosystem is rich with endless add-ons.

7. Jira lets you integrate it with other products.

8. Jira is a mobile-friendly platform.

9. It ensures secure access.

10. Jira roadmaps make things simpler.

11. Jira templates save you time.

12. Jira lets you customize your dashboard.

13. Jira permits you to manage your portfolio.

1. Structure

2. BigPicture

3. BigGantt

4. Aha! Visual product roadmaps

5. Gliffy Diagrams

6. Tempo Planner

7. Activity Timeline Resource Planning

8. Tempo Timesheets

9. Email This Issue

10. Jira Workflow Toolbox


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Let's know if you are among Briskstar's clients and prefer your project in Jira project management software. Furthermore, if you have any queries regarding Jira and its project management abilities, feel free to ask us.

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