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Briskstar’s IoT solutions and services bridge the existing gap between digital and physical worlds by forming smart and efficient ecosystems.

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With smart IoT solutions from Briskstar Technologies, you get assured customer-friendly, cost-saving and supreme quality at its peak. Beginning with deep requirement analysis, their skilled IoT development team addresses all challenges and holds your hand till the final stage of launch and support.

End-to-End Internet of Things services with Briskstar Technologies

Check out the flexible and consistent IoT services that keep our company on top position.

  • IoT Application Management
  • IoT Data Management
  • IoT Consulting Services
  • IoT Engineering Services
  • IoT Testing Services
  • Remote Servicing Software
  • IoT Analytics Services

Unlock full IoT Potential with Our
Integrated and Streamlined IoT Services

With our remarkable IoT services at play, our clients enjoy accelerated business growth.


Proficient IoT development Team

Our IoT team specializes in efficiently managing and deploying intelligent and connected solutions that offer high competitive edge. Our clients love our unique solutions in diverse verticals such as fleet management, agriculture, healthcare, education, construction, logistics, smart homes and cities.


Transparent project management

We create smart IoT devices and solutions according to your business needs with full adherence to set deadlines. It helps us set apart from our competitors and stay close to our clients. Our round-the-clock availability also aids in addressing any IoT resource challenge timely.


Full Security Implementation

We keep innovation and security at the core of our IoT development. We guide our customers through each and every step of IoT development and ensure the best security mechanisms are implemented at every IoT ecosystem layer. This enables our clients to trust our transformative IoT products and services.

Our Expert IoT Development Process

  • Research
  • Shaping Idea
  • Prototyping
  • Development
  • QA & Testing
  • Dedicated Support

Our Agile Development Models

We are thriving in the IoT realm only because of our transparent agile approach that keeps us one step ahead of our competitors. We set a full roadmap for our clients to know where we work on our IoT development path and keep them updated about any changes beforehand.


Our Expertise in Internet of Things Services and Solutions

IoT Platform Development

Briskstar specializes in developing open-source, proprietary IoT platforms with their hands-on experience on HPE platform.

Third-Party Integration

We power up your IoT solutions with reliable third-party integrations that empower your business solutions with more value.

Edge Computing

Our team performs excellent decentralized computing with the help of rapid processing of devices connected within an IoT network.

Live monitoring

We proffer monitoring IoT devices in real-time besides sharing extra details on efficiently mitigating any arising issues.

Smart Data Analytics

Our IoT experts collect sensor data to perform a plethora of analysis such as predictive, batch, interactive and other analysis.

Cloud-integrated IoT Services

Our skilled IoT teams manage both functionalities and cost for integration multiple cloud services simultaneously.

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Frequently asked questions

IoT solutions that have a structured design come with a promise of gaining more business profits. It is fulfilled with minimizing failures, keeping top-notch quality from the start and providing ad-on IoT services.

Although each IoT project comes with its own set of requirements; for simple to medium-level projects, it takes about 4-6 months. However, we share the project completion timeline clearly with our clients and ensure prototype delivery within 2 months.

IoT helps in minimizing human involvement and providing faster outputs using control and automation. Not just this, it allows tracking and monitoring using machine-to-machine communication and improved transparency.

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