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When you strive for innovation using software, Node JS development at Briskstar is an excellent choice. When we create software solutions, we mainly focus on user experience, efficient user experience, and cost efficiency.

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Hire Node JS Developers from an Established Node JS Development Company

Node JS provides us with an event-driven asynchronous JavaScript runtime environment to create custom applications. Therefore, as a renowned Node JS development company, we deliver applications that address business-specific requirements. As a result, we develop excellent applications to beat business challenges and futuristic needs.

Our Range of Hire Node JS Developer Services

  • Node JS web development
  • Node JS product development
  • Node JS Blockchain app development
  • Node JS module development
  • Node JS package development
  • Node JS Back-end dashboard development
  • Google V8 integration
  • Real-time web socket programming
  • Node JS e-commerce development

Key Benefits of Our Hire Node JS
Developer Services

Briskstar offers the following key benefits when you hire our Node JS developers.


Full-stack Developers

Our full-stack Node JS developers provide end-to-end development services to create scalable, flexible, and high-performing applications with the integration of upcoming technologies, such as IoT, AI, and Blockchain.


Scalable Team

We allow clients to scale up and down the Node JS development team per their requirements and budgetary constraints. So you can add, replace, or remove team members as per your wish.


Experienced Team

Our Node JS developers have attended various Node JS development projects from multiple domains. Thus, they have gained enough experience in the industry and are capable of delivering solutions of different amplitudes and magnitudes.

Our Refined Hire Node JS Developer Process

  • Requirement Placing
  • Resume Presentation
  • Selection Based On CV
  • F2F Interviews
  • Document Preparation
  • Getting Started

Engagement Models

Hire Frontend Developers for your Project and gain a competitive edge


Our Expertise in Node JS Technologies


Node JS works great for front-end development. We create tempting UIs and their components using Node JS. We give users the best experience with the interface.

  • Node JS

Node JS is an excellent choice for backend development. We create feature-rich and easy-to-use backend dashboards and other functionality using the tools of Node JS.

  • Node JS

Node JS follows the MVC design pattern and facilitates designers and developers to work simultaneously. Thus, it saves time and costs both.

  • MVC

Our Node JS developers are proficient in SQL and NoSQL database solutions and use them according to the requirements of data-driven application development.

  • SQL

We are good at manual as well as automated testing and create error and bug-free Node JS applications. Furthermore, we apply rigorous testing to ensure quality.

  • Selenium
  • TestRail
  • Postman

We use different cloud platforms to deploy the Node JS applications with complete server configurations. Thus, apps give a seamless user experience.

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Docker

Frequently askedquestions

The following features of Node JS attract clients to prefer Node JS for their projects.

  • Asynchronous (Non-blocking) and event-driven nature of Node JS.
  • Node JS has a single-threaded architecture with event looping. It makes Node JS scalable.
  • Node JS is scalable.
  • Node JS uses a V8 JS runtime motor that provides a wrapper. Thus, the preparation of requests becomes faster.
  • Node JS is cross-platform compatible.
  • Node JS processes and uploads a file simultaneously. So, it gives a faster data streaming experience.
  • Node JS app data never buffers.

The following areas are where Node JS proves a good option.

  • Single-page application development
  • Data-driven real-time application development
  • I/O bound applications
  • JSON API-based applications
  • Data streaming applications

Node JS is a JavaScript runtime environment. Node JS is mainly used for the backend development of a web application. Node JS empowers developers to create server-side and networking web applications. Node JS is cross-platform compatible and helps in creating cross-platform apps.


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Node JS is a contemporary technology, and Briskstar is an excellent choice for Node JS application development. Would you like to discuss your Node JS development project with our talented team? Please pick up the call and start a conversation with the team.

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