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As seasoned developers of the Android ecosystem, we are aware of the hindrance of Java for programming apps. So, we are an early adopter of Kotlin and create robust Android applications with excellent performance and user experience that every business carves.

We target the development of feature-rich apps with desired cost efficiency and handsome ROI.

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Hire Kotlin Developers from an Expert Kotlin Development Company

Briskstar is a Kotlin app development company with proven experience and expertise. We deliver business-specific app solutions using Kotlin. Our Kotlin apps augment the brand, attract customers, engage them, and convert them to give a decent ROI. In addition, Kotlin helps us overcome Java's shortfall in Android app development and end up with a robust application.

Our Range of Hire Kotlin Developer Services

  • Kotlin smartphone app development
  • Kotlin tablet app development
  • Kotlin AI app development
  • Kotlin AR/VR app development
  • Kotlin IoT app development
  • Kotlin game development
  • Kotlin custom app development
  • Kotlin app integration
  • Kotlin app migration
  • Kotlin Blockchain app development
  • Kotlin wearable app development
  • Kotlin enterprise app development

Key Benefits of Our Hire Kotlin
Developer Services

The core benefits of our hire of Kotlin developer services are


Focus On Core Business

We focus on core business requirements while designing your Kotlin apps. We customize the application to meet your business goals by tweaking the features and functionality of your Android applications.


Technically Sound Team

We have full-stack Kotlin developers with skills in Kotlin programming and designing. In addition, we have enough expertise in third-party application integration to extend the functionality.


Advanced Infrastructure

We have invested enough to create advanced infrastructure to provide a highly cooperative and collaborative Kotlin development environment. It includes physical facilities for developers, hardware, OS, software, and network.

Our Refined Hire Kotlin Developer Process

  • Requirement Placing
  • Resume Presentation
  • Selection Based On CV
  • F2F Interviews
  • Document Preparation
  • Getting Started

Engagement Models

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Our Expertise in Kotlin Technologies

User Interface

Kotlin is a full-stack programming language. So, it helps us to create an intuitive and alluring front for your Android mobile apps.

  • Kotlin
  • Zeplin

We have expertise in Kotlin programming to create mobile apps, web application backend, and other Android applications with the best UX.

  • Kotlin

Kotlin allows the use of Java libraries used for Android development. In addition, it makes it easy for our developers to explore an array of libraries.

  • Jetpack Component

Kotlin supports SQL and NoSQL databases equally and helps developers to deliver robust data-driven Android applications.

  • SQ Lite
  • Realm
Tools & Utility

Kotlin is fully compatible with Java and its programming tools. So we use Android Studio and IntelliJ Idea tools.

  • Android Studio
  • IntelliJ Idea

Kotlin follows the MVC paradigm and lets developers work independently with designers simultaneously.

  • MVC

Frequently askedquestions

Kotlin helps developers to fix a series of issues that Java suffers from, such as

  • Arrays in Kotlin are invariant.
  • Kotlin has proper function types, and Java suffers from SAM conversions.
  • The type system controls null references.
  • No row types.
  • Kotlin uses site variance without wild cards.
  • Kotlin is missing checked exceptions.

Kotlin has the following useful features that help in Android application development.

  • Kotlin is an open-source technology.
  • Kotlin supports full Java interoperability.
  • It comes with lazy loading.
  • Data classes are available in Kotlin.
  • It has a collection filtering feature.
  • It has an extension feature.
  • It cuts incidents of crashing at runtime.
  • It offers a smart cast function.
  • Kotlin is safe, secure, and low-cost.
  • It has clean and compact syntax.
  • It has standard library functions.

The following are the benefits of using Kotlin.

  • Kotlin can compile to JVM (Java Virtual Machine) byte code or JavaScript.
  • Kotlin can use the existing Java framework and its libraries.
  • You can easily convert Java code to Kotlin code.
  • It has null safety.

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If you run after a team of seasoned Kotlin developers, Briskstar is an excellent choice. We are an early adopter of Kotlin and secure enough expertise and experience serving global clients.

Please pick up your phone and talk about your next Kotlin development project.

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