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Our team of seasoned Express JS developers will collaborate with you on highly complex requirements and deliver scalable Express JS solutions using their expertise and experience in the niche.

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You need not invest anything as an upfront investment, with no infrastructure costs, no payrolls, no taxes, and no staffing costs when you hire Express JS developers from Briskstar. As an established company, we have everything. We have spent years in the industry and acquired desired skills in the Express JS framework to create cross-platform applications for the web and mobiles.

Our Range of Hire Express JS Developer Services

  • Express JS consulting services
  • Express JS custom application development
  • Express JS integration services
  • Express JS MEAN stack development
  • Express JS MERN stack development
  • Express JS server-side development
  • Express JS cross-platform development
  • Express JS extension development
  • Express JS migration services
  • Express JS support and maintenance services
  • Express JS middleware services
  • Express JS e-commerce solutions

Key Benefits of Our Hire Express JS
Developer Services

We offer ultimate advantages to our patrons by providing our hire Express JS developer services.


Fast Backend Development

Express JS is a framework of Node JS. So, it provides a lot of functionality to perform the most common tasks of Node JS. Moreover, it turns functionality within seconds instead of minutes and fastens the backend of the blazing application. Thus, our developers make the backend fast.


Use of Middleware

Express JS uses an entity called middleware to arrange its order function calls. It's a chuck of code that has access to response and request objects. It makes it easy to add features to the web application. Thus, our Express JS developers make applications highly scalable.


Route Management

Our Express JS developers handle complex dynamic URLs using a feature known as route management in Express JS. It enables the application to manage different URL requests from the client side. Express JS has an advanced route management system.

Our Refined Hire Express JS Developer Process

  • Requirement Placing
  • Resume Presentation
  • Selection Based On CV
  • F2F Interviews
  • Document Preparation
  • Getting Started

Engagement Models

Hire Frontend Developers for your Project and gain a competitive edge


Our Expertise in Express JS Technologies


Our proficiency in standard frontend development technologies renders us full-stack developers. We deliver attractive and functional UIs.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Being a backend framework, Express JS provides us with a complete set of tools, features, and functionality to create scalable, flexible, and high-performing backends.

  • Express JS
Server-side Templates

Express JS enables our developers to use template engines for server-side template rendering. Moreover, our developers used to use Thymeleaf or JSP tools.

  • Thymeleaf
  • JSP

We use SQL and NoSQL database solutions depending on the requirements of applications and offer seamless data flow.

  • SQL
Asynchronous Programming

Asynchronous programming in Express JS allows multiple independent processes to run without waiting for each other to complete.

  • Express JS
  • Node JS

We deploy Express JS applications on any leading Cloud services giving the best user experience.

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Docker

Frequently askedquestions

It is a de facto standard server framework for Node JS. It helps in developing backend web applications and RESTful APIs. In addition, it provides board features for building web and mobile applications.

The following reasons that developers love Express JS.

  • It allows faster server-side development.
  • It has middleware that is responsible for organizing different functions.
  • It provides a highly advanced routing mechanism to preserve a web page's state with the URLs' help.
  • It offers template engines that allow developers to develop web pages with dynamic content.
  • It gives a debugging mechanism that pinpoints issues with the same application part.

If you are tech-savvy and accustomed to managing a team of developers, we give you direct access to the team through our PMS (Project Management Software) with the required rights. So you can give your feedback and get reports on the progress of the development process.


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