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CodeIgniter is a lightweight but powerful PHP application development framework. Our years of experience with CodeIgniter have led us to deliver intuitive and dynamic PHP applications for a range of business domains. In addition, we always provide high quality web applications and websites meeting user requirements.

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Hire CodeIgniter Developers from a Reliable CodeIgniter Development Company

Briskstar is a dependable CodeIgniter development company with an experienced and expert team of CodeIgniter. Hire CodeIgniter developers to obtain web applications with excellent user experience and high performance. Our developers will address your requirements to beat your competition without breaking the bank.

Our Range of Hire CodeIgniter Developer Services

  • CodeIgniter consulting services
  • CodeIgniter modules/plugins development
  • CodeIgniter integration services
  • CodeIgniter storefront development
  • CodeIgniter custom web application development
  • CodeIgniter theme development
  • CodeIgniter migration services
  • CodeIgniter support and maintenance

Key Benefits of Our Hire CodeIgniter
Developer Services

The following are some obvious key benefits of hiring CodeIgniter developers.


Expert & Experienced Team

Briskstar is a gathering of different talents, including business analysts, UI/UX developers, designers, programmers, QA professionals, DevOps, and marketers. Everyone on the team has a speciality in their respective fields. The team is experienced and works collaboratively.


We Respect Time-to-Market

Software development is never an easygoing process. There are enough hurdles in the way. However, our CodeIgniter development team never misses time-to-market and delivers projects without missing quality credentials.


Excellent Project Development Experience

We give our clientele excellent project development experience by implementing inclusive approaches. We present them with direct access to the team through our advanced PMS. It offers freedom to give their voice to the project through appropriate feedback. Moreover, they can receive regular updates from the team regarding the project's progress.

Our Refined Hire CodeIgniter Developer Process

  • Requirement Placing
  • Resume Presentation
  • Selection Based On CV
  • F2F Interviews
  • Document Preparation
  • Getting Started

Engagement Models

Hire Frontend Developers for your Project and gain a competitive edge


Our Expertise in CodeIgniter Technologies


We use the latest tools to create an attractive front with interactivity and dynamism. Bootstrap and JS-based frontend frameworks are our excellent choices.

  • Bootstrap
  • React
  • Vue

CodeIgniter provides all desired tools to create an innovative and functional backend of an application. In addition, we customize the backend to meet clients' requirements.

  • PHP

CodeIgniter offers the best MVC paradigm and creates a separation of concerns. As a result, it speeds up the designing and development process and enables developers to deliver on time.

  • MVC

Our developers are fluent in using SQL and NoSQL database management solutions. Therefore, we prefer MySQL for SQL solutions and MongoDB or MariaDB for NoSQL.

  • SQL

We implement manual and automated testing techniques as per need and make applications bug-free to give the best user experience.

  • Selenium
  • TestRail
  • Postman

Our DevOps are comfortable with traditional servers as well as cloud-based hosting solutions and deliver a seamless user experience.

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Docker
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Frequently asked questions

There are some cutting-edge advantages to hiring CodeIgniter developers from Briskstar, such as

  • You will have complete control over the team throughout the development process.
  • We create software by employing cost-effective techniques and tactics.
  • We employ good tools and technologies to enhance productivity.
  • We have a highly experienced and expert team of CodeIgniter programmers to beat any scale of challenges.
  • Our team offers round-the-clock support for tech and non-tech queries.

CodeIgniter has the following features and functionality that attracts many clients and even developers to use it for their projects.

  • CodeIgniter is an MVC-based framework and gives benefits to it.
  • It is an extremely lightweight yet powerful framework.
  • It has full-featured database classes with support for many platforms.
  • It has query-builder database support.
  • It provides Form and data validation.
  • It gives security and XSS filtering.
  • It has a session management feature.
  • It has email-sending class functionality.

We give our clients direct access to the development team by PMS. So, they have direct control over all development affairs and take an active part by giving their feedback and receiving reports.

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The CodeIgniter team at Briskstar is highly experienced and expert. We always deliver high-quality software at competitive market rates. Would you like to exchange your thoughts with our team? Please pick up the call and connect with our team.

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