GraphQL Integration Technology

GraphQL helps us with the smart organizing of data flow between the front end and back end. With GraphQL, we provide organizations with detailed reports, graphs, and charts based on vast data present in the system.

Thus, they can formulate policies, get insights, make decisions, and implement the best practices to grow fast and gain an edge over the market competition.

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GraphQL Integration Technology

An Avid GraphQL Integration Technology Company

Briskstar is an avid GraphQL technology company helping in planning, designing, and developing enterprise-grade integrations, APIs, and applications. We enable your enterprise to access, process and serve data via APIs with GraphQL as a gateway. We build scalable, real-time, and flexible GraphQL APIs to create a single source of truth and a central data graph that scales across your applications.

Our Valuable GraphQL Integration Technology Services

  • GraphQL UI/UX design
  • GraphQL mobile app development
  • GraphQL integration services
  • GraphQL data management services
  • GraphQL consulting services
  • GraphQL web development
  • Custom GraphQL app development
  • GraphQL migration services
  • GraphQL support and maintenance

Key Benefits of Our GraphQL Integration
Technology Services

You will find the following main advantages of our GraphQL technology services.


Collaborative Environment

We use the best collaboration practices and tools to create a highly collaborative development environment where effective internal and external collaborations (with client-side teams) occur. It results in rapid development, keeping the quality bar high.


Unbeatable Expertise

Our GraphQL development team has faced diverse types of projects coming from a wide range of business niches. Our expertise in dealing with high-scale applications is known in the industry. We have served global clients with various requirements and provided satisfactory solutions.


Effective Communication

Our PMS and other communication channels enable our clientele to access the developer team. It makes client-developer interaction smooth and straightforward. The team can get a quick response from the client-side team, and the client can obtain reports quickly.

Our Refined GraphQL Development Process

  • Initial Evaluation
  • Analyse
  • Integration Build
  • Test
  • Implement
  • Validate, Enrich, & Expand

Our Flexible Engagement Models

We facilitate our clients to obtain our services to meet their unique requirements by creating flexible engagement models.


Our Expertise in GraphQL Technologies


We use standard web technologies to create a web interface for GraphQL UI. JavaScript helps us the most.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

GraphQL is a query language that helps our applications fetch data from APIs. On the backend, a GraphQL server can be implemented in any programming language.

  • GraphQL
  • Python
  • Java
  • C#

Dgraph cloud is a native GraphQL graph database built for the cloud. Apart from this, we are comfortable with standard SQL and NoSQL solutions.

  • Dgraph Cloud

GraphQL API is a service available to build apps fast and in a secure environment. Therefore, our developers are comfortable with API development.

  • Azure
  • Amazon
Web Services

Our developers are good at integrating different web services with your applications.

  • SOUP UI Pro

Apollo Server uses a multi-step request pipeline to validate and execute incoming GraphQL operations.

  • Apollo Server

Frequently askedquestions

GraphQL is a querying language that helps clients fetch required server data. Similarly, on the backend side, GraphQL specifies to the API how to present the data to the client.

Technically, a GraphQL server offers a client a predefined schema, a data model that can be requested from the server. Thus, schema acts as a middle ground between the client and server while defining how to access the data.

Thus, GraphQL is a Schema Definition Language (SDL), and schema types describe the kinds of objects that can be queried on that server and their fields. Developers can create GraphQL schema and build an interface around it using any programming language.

  • GraphQL is a good fit for intricate systems and microservices.
  • It fetches data with a single API call.
  • GraphQL fetches data with precision, not more, not less.
  • It enables developers to tailor the request to obtain the information they need.
  • There is no need to validate data formats, as GraphQL does it for you.
  • Auto Generating API document.
  • API evolution without versioning.
  • It allows code sharing.
  • Detailed error messages.
  • GraphQL schema allows you to choose which functions to expose and how they work.
  • GraphQL subscriptions can automatically send notifications to clients when a new comment or data is added.
  • It allows rapid application prototyping.

  • GraphQL client
  • GraphQL gateway
  • GraphQL server
  • Database to GraphQL server (data)

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