GitHub Project Management Technology

In the first place, GitHub is a version control tool and a code repository. However, it has built-in project management features and tools to help you manage the project effectively. Moreover, Briskstar provides some integration to enhance GitHub’s project management capabilities.

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GitHub Project Management Technology

A Competent GitHub Project Management Technology Company

Briskstar uses several project management software to manage its projects in organized ways. However, GitHub is a code repository and version control tool with many built-in features to offer project management services. We use it explicitly and manage our range of projects diligently. Our developers are familiar with the GitHub platform and regularly contribute to various open-source projects.

Our Valuable GitHub Project Management Technology Services

  • GitHub integration with ZenHub
  • GitHub integration with Zube
  • GitHub integration with Slack
  • GitHub integration with Codetree
  • GitHub integration with WakaTime

Key Benefits of Our GitHub Project Management
Technology Services

The following are some key benefits of GitHub project management technology.


Close to the Code

GitHub is a code repository hosting service first. So, its project management tools are very close to your code and let you add a reference to a commit or a particular line in a commit. You also can pull requests in every comment or message you add to GitHub.


Source Control

GitHub is a source control management service. So, it helps create forks, branches, and pull requests through the GitHub browser portal. Besides this, there is GitHub CLI, GitHub Desktop, and IDE integration. GitHub provides seamless IDE integration with modern IDEs.


Built-in Security

GitHub’s built-in security scans can find a reference with known security issues. Its dependency graph makes it easy to see what liabilities you depend on. In addition, Dependable can automatically create PRs for outdated or vulnerable dependencies.

Our Refined GitHub Project Management Development Process

  • Initial Evaluation
  • Analyse
  • Integration Build
  • Test
  • Implement
  • Validate, Enrich, & Expand

Our Flexible Engagement Models

We facilitate our clients to have flexible and customizable engagement models to meet their custom requirements and budgetary constraints.


Benefits of GitHub Project Management Technologies


GitHub allows secure contributions to your open-source projects. Our developers are active and participate in many open-source projects on GitHub.


Using GitHub, you can make it easier to get excellent documentation. It has sections and guides with articles for any topic related to git you can think of.


GitHub is an excellent portfolio-creating and hosting platform. You can showcase your work, projects, and contributions to recruiters easily and securely.


Markdown gives you a simple text editor to write formatted documents. So, you can write code, comments, and everything without learning other systems.

Code Repository

Fundamentally, GitHub is a code repository with the largest developer community in the world. So you can get great exposure to your projects and opportunities to contribute.

Version Control

GitHub is an excellent version control tool that saves every revision with relevant info. So, you can know who has changed what, when, and where those files are stored.

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