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Bitbucket is a Git and code management tool in the first place. Moreover, it helps developers' teams create high-end software with code review and secure workflows. Briskstar is a Bitbucket consulting team with expertise in using Bitbucket to relieve the development team from possible pain points and hurdles in project management.

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A Leading Bitbucket Project Management Technology Company

Briskstar is a leading software development company using Bitbucket to enhance its delivery pipeline constantly. We use Bitbucket chiefly as a centralized repository management tool. Plus, we use it as an effective project management tool to collaborate on code and streamline build, test, and release processes, giving clients a soothing project experience.

Our Valuable Bitbucket Project Management Technology Services

  • Bitbucket consulting services
  • Bitbucket integration services
  • Bitbucket customization services
  • Bitbucket setup and configuration services
  • Bitbucket migration services
  • Bitbucket support and maintenance services

Key Benefits of Our Bitbucket Project Management
Technology Services

The following are key benefits of our Bitbucket project management technology services.


Pull Requests

Bitbucket allows you to manage to pull requests for code reviews. You can do it with multiple code reviewers and designated approvers. It permits team members to make inline comments directly in the source code. Thus, it gives other developers the opportunity to discuss fixes and maintain a comprehensive audit trail. By creating merger checks and configuring the delivery pipeline, you can ensure that code passes through essential quality checks before final deployment.


Deploy More Frequently

Bitbucket lets you compare code changes side-by-side so you can know what is happening in the repository using Diff Views. As a result, the team can deploy more frequently with greater confidence using extensive comment threads that capture all complexities and context surrounding changes. On the cloud, this becomes even faster.


Keep Your Code Safe

Bitbucket employs 2-step authentication and IP Whitelisting to ensure your code security with your account. In addition, it offers elevated access and permission controls. So, only authorized team members can access, edit, and approve branches in the account hence the repository.

Our Refined Bitbucket Project Management Development Process

  • Initial Evaluation
  • Analyse
  • Integration Build
  • Test
  • Implement
  • Validate, Enrich, & Expand

Our Flexible Engagement Models

We have devised engagement models smartly, keeping clients' requirements and budgetary constraints at the core. Thus, you will see flexibility and customization ability as well.


Benefits of Bitbucket Project Management Technologies

Code Review

It helps developers and reviewers review the pull requests in less time. In addition, Bitbucket has a commit-level review system that allows developers to check and update code easily.

Inline Discussion

Adding inline comments and threaded conversations with a code snippet is useful. It makes interactions better for developers and code reviewers.

Cloud & Server

Bitbucket offers two options for deployment. For a small team, you can select the Cloud option; for a large team, you will have a server option in the Bitbucket.

Issue Tracker

It provides a built-in issue tracker tool so you can track issues easily. In addition, it is flexible, easy to use, and has numerous configurable fields, such as version, milestone, etc.

User Interface

Bitbucket has a very simple user interface that lets developers search repositories, pull requests, branches, user names, and other tool features.


Bitbucket can be integrated with Jira and Trello like other project management tools. Jira helps to track bugs in the code. Trello aids in making lists and project management.


Frequently askedquestions

Fundamentally, Bitbucket is a Git repository management tool for software developers. It acts as a central place to manage Git repositories, collaborate, and guide you through the development flow.

You can deploy Bitbucket with three options:

  • Bitbucket Cloud
  • Bitbucket Server
  • Bitbucket Data Center

You can use Bitbucket for access control, pull requests, control workflow, Jira integration, and RESTful APIs.

  • Bitbucket provides private and public repositories for all team sizes.
  • Its offers are free and for unlimited storage.
  • You can host your data centres if you are a big team.
  • It approves quickly and efficiently with pull requests.
  • You can conduct discussions directly within the code.
  • You can continuously integrate code using Bitbucket pipelines.
  • You can organize your team and obtain continuous delivery with code configuration and fast feedback loops using Jira and Bamboo integration.
  • It offers the benefits of automatic build and tests.

  • Bitbucket pipelines and pipes.
  • IP Whitelisting.
  • Git large file storage.
  • REST APIs.
  • Code search.
  • Smart mirroring.
  • Automatically rendered Read Me files.
  • Snippets.

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Briskstar is using Bitbucket for its project management. Using such advanced tools makes the project experience a breeze and improves our productivity and cost efficiency. Do you have any queries regarding our project management with Bitbucket? Or, do you want to know more about Bitbucket? Please, feel free to contact our developers and learn more.

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