Challenging Automation QA

Emerging technologies and inventions are adding new devices, channels, operating systems, and browsers to testing. Thus, testing is increasingly becoming complex. However, automated QA tools ease the testing and make it speedy. Briskstar is a pool of talented and skilled software testers with the latest automation tools and technologies. Our automation QA services have added advantages in terms of time, cost, and quality. If you want to reap everything upfront, leverage our automation QA services at highly competitive rates.

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Briskstar has invested in updating its automation QA services regarding automation tools, software, plugins, and facilities to create the right testing environment. As a result, we test various software, mobile applications, wearable applications, IoT applications, and much more with greater accuracy and speed. In addition, our QA team has expertise in the latest testing methods, techniques, and tools. As a result, we boost software development turnaround and offer cost efficiency by providing instant testing services.

Our Valuable Automation QA Testing Services

  • Automated functional testing
  • Automated integration testing
  • Automated software security assurance
  • Automated web testing
  • Automated API testing
  • Automated performance testing
  • Automated compatibility testing
  • Automation QA support & maintenance
  • Automated mobile testing
  • Automated UI testing
  • SaaS test automation services

Key Benefits of Our Automation QA Services

The following are key benefits of our automation QA services.


Increased Efficiency

Automation software and tools speed up the testing process a lot. It also brings precisions in results despite doing work in bulk. It reduces the software development cycle considerably and enhances overall efficiency.


Customer Satisfaction

You can properly test your software or application using automation QA services because they are professionals with expertise and experience in software testing. Good working software provides the best user experience and increases your customer satisfaction rate. It eventually turns into a good ROI.


Increased Revenue & Profitability

You save money on buying new devices and testing tools when you outsource the QA services. Simultaneously, you provide good software that is error & bug-free. Thus, you win customers' trust and more business at once. Your satisfied customers become your loyal customers and bring more revenue with repeat work.

Our Refined Automation QA Process

  • Test automation planning
  • Test environment setup
  • Test data preparation
  • Automated testing
  • Reports

Our Flexible Engagement Models

We are aware of clients' various constraints when hiring an automation QA team or professional. Therefore, we have carefully prepared our hiring models to meet their unique demands and offer competitive market rates.


Our Expertise in Automation QA
Testing Technologies


It's a low-code and scalable automation testing platform. It is a community of more than one million users. It supports flexible methods for testing, such as BDD, DDT, keyword-driven, and cross-browser testing.

  • Katalon

It is a software suite, including Selenium WebDrive, Selenium Grid, and Selenium IDE. Selenium server allows local and remote testing. It supports almost all modern browsers and programming technologies.

  • Selenium

Appium uses a mobile JSON wireless protocol for testing software on mobile devices. It allows cross-platform app testing using reusable test scripts and the same API. In addition, it will enable execution on real devices, simulators, and emulators.

  • Appium

It automates functional unit testing on desktop, mobile, and web applications. It offers object identification with property-based and AI visual recognition. In addition, you can run parallel, cross-browser, and cross-device testing.

  • TestComplete

It's a developer-centric end-to-end web testing tool. It controls functional behavior, server response, network traffic, and timer. In addition, it is connected to a dashboard service for test performance and optimization.

  • Cypress
Ranorex Studio

It automated GUI testing for desktop, web, and mobile devices. It supports VB.NET and C# programming languages. Ranorex Spy and Ranorex Path are reliable tools for recognizing GUI elements. With Selenium Grid, you can perform distributed or parallel testing.

  • Ranorex Studio

Your Frequently Asked Questions on Automation QA and Our Legitimate Answers

We use the following solutions.

  • Continuous test automation.
  • CI/CD pipeline deployment
  • Cloud test automation
  • Robotic processing automation

For the following reasons, we prefer automation testing services.

  • Cost
  • Time
  • Quality
  • Productivity
  • Usability
  • Coverage

We help businesses and developers to overcome following automation challenges.

  • Inability to select the right automation tools.
  • Inadequate pre-built automation test suites and a team of script experts.
  • Challenges arise during porting/migration while developing modern automation scripts from the legacy script.
  • Missing sufficient expertise in automating regression tests.

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