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What are the best platforms for paid content distribution?
Creating high-quality branded content is very important, but when it comes to making sure your ad dollars are spent properly, understanding the best ways to get eyeballs on your content can be just as crucial to your success.
List of content distribution platforms:
- Nativo
- Facebook Sponsored Posts
- Promoted Tweets
- nRelate
- Disqus
- LinkedIn
Here I am more highlighting Outbrain vs Taboola.


Fighting facts of content distribution tools and short information:
Outbrain suits more strictly editorial content and is easier to work with; but Taboola now has a larger network, more tools for marketers looking to drive conversions (such as a tracking pixel accessible from the user dash) and is more relaxed about promoting product-based editorial landing pages.
- From a publisher perspective Taboola anecdotally has a slightly higher average CPC, so will drive a higher CPM (though with more product-led ads) - though both networks now require publishers to have a substantial amount of traffic before they can be approved.
- On a company level, Outbrain have worked to build a reputation for delivering higher quality content (cutting out product led ads several years ago), but in recent months Taboola has been very successful in developing high profile partnerships, including a deal with MSN and a strategic investment from AOL (which led to the closure of AOL's competing service, Gravity).
- Basically, both Outbrain & Taboola are more or less the same, they hold different type of publishers and advertisers, but in terms of business plan, they both target the same audiences and have same limitations.
Takeaways and Conclusions:
With the availability and adoption of content marketing practices is definitely here to stay. It seems a farfetched concept, but most customers shopping around respond to products or services in through actionable meaningful, and engaging content.
Most brands who are looking to harness the power of content marketing have to understand the ROI on content development and marketing.
It will not just grow traffic to your site, but ultimately generate the leads or transactions needed to continually survive in today's very competitive business environment.
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