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In this new area of marketing, peoples change their choices and priorities in the seconds so our marketing strategy should be improved to sell our product or our services. For past few years we are following same Marketing strategy, for example, B2B (Business to Business) and its goal simple to gain business and improve sell but what about employee and Clients intellectually satisfaction?

To complete this role we have to use Human to Human marketing strategy. The aim of Human to human marketing strategy is to provide intellectually satisfaction as well as Financial satisfaction to your employee and clients too.

There are an old saying: 'Happy Employee leads to Happy Clients which leads to profit'. In short, your employee needs to be happy otherwise there is no meaning of your Business.

For example Imagine yourself going to your favorite CAFE and there is a robot which can provide your drink but it can't judge your mood or your behavior or what are you feeling right now so it can only suggest most famous drink or profitable drink and you will take it but you are not getting what you are looking and this leads you to totally unsatisfactory and robots can do only one task at time as well as robot can only understand the number.
Few tips which can help you to implement human factors or human to human marketing in your website and your work area.

1. Add some fun and humor to your websites and your work area

Humor is and will always attract the people around you, A touch of humor can do more than a long conversation so if you add humor or fun in your website, blog, posts and your work area then people and clients will be attracted to you.
For business perspective you can use a MailChimp as a tool of humor or fun, At the point when the framework at MailChimp is preparing an installment or some other undertaking for a client utilizing their administrations, they don't include an ordinary "stacking" or "handling" message.
MailChimp will not use the same words which we are hearing in our regular life it will use Slang or Phares which sounds good as well as it will work like humor.
The employee needs some fun and humor. It will give a boost to your work area and there is nothing good then work with fun. Just like Briskstar Technologies do, they provide humor and fun in the air.
2. Don't be so perfect and act like an actual human being express your feelings
What defines human is human express their feeling and making mistake and tries to learn from it but what we do is we are trying to be so perfect like a robot and somewhere between this we forgot the human nature like making mistake, learn from mistakes and try to spread humor in the air. For example what is shown on our website or pamphlets is that we only provide information about a product or services its just sound like a robotic work.
It is better to write as though you are actually having conversations with another person like storyteller it will help you to getting attention from your clients or your leads as well as your message will be better received. Don't try to be like the perfect person and its good to make mistakes.
3. The setting begins things out, by then substance
The Most ideal way to attract person or client in your life is that which things are going on your life and its good to be revealed slowly and right on time like your birthplace, your favorite cafe, The place you are mostly hanging out, the problems are facing on your life it will help you to get the trust of your client as well as build your business relationships and this the best way to get client trust because clients know well or he/her trying to be
4. Trying to be with your team.
The best way to get your service or product in the marketing is that think and act like your customer because at the end your also part of market and the best way to getting review of your product or services is that be with your team at the phase of development and when it is done because the at the and will be best at reviewing the product because they are thinking like the customer also and also team they can tell you about the problems and also solution.
5. Word of mouth
The best way of marketing is spread the word in the market, once a group of people or a client likes your product or services then they will spread the word that you are one of the best candidate for your job and this the best marketing tool is to mark your name in the market.
However, we help customer to make their website's digital marketing and reach their site to new marketing goal and achieve target for their sales and we did it for many clients.

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