GitLab Project Management Technology

Briskstar is a team of certified GitLab project management professionals. We define the Agile project management process and set up projects by creating issues, milestones, labels, and groups. We manage projects by using GitLab board, roadmaps, and epics. We also use GitLab to build portfolios and showcase projects along with code.

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GitLab Project Management Technology

A Leading GitLab Project Management Technology Company

Briskstar is a leading technology company using GitLab for its project management. Our designers and developers are certified GitLab professionals with experience using GitLab for various projects and have a portfolio of it. Our use of GitLab for our project management ensures a smooth workflow, and many benefits come with GitLab as our project management tool. For example, in GitLab, synchronization takes place automatically every 24 hours, and manually at any moment, you initiate it. It helps us a lot in code-based or data-driven development.

Our Valuable GitLab Project Management Technology Services

  • GitLab consulting services
  • GitLab issue tracking services
  • GitLab security enhancement services
  • GitLab feature enhancement services
  • GitLab troubleshooting services
  • GitLab customization services
  • GitLab integration services
  • GitLab authentication sources services
  • GitLab continuous integration services
  • GitLab constant deployment/delivery services
  • GitLab support and maintenance services

Key Benefits of Our GitLab Project Management
Technology Services

You will find the following benefits of GitLab project management technologies.


Ease of Configuration

GitLab allows the installation of CI/CD tools anywhere, be it on-premise, on a cloud, on a container, or on almost any Linux distribution. Moreover, it makes setup and configuration easy.


Pipeline Automation

GitLab has a feature called Auto DevOps. It helps developers to detect, build, test, deploy, and monitor applications through CI/CD pipeline. As a result, it saves time and sets standard practices. It also covers everything developers want to do.


DevOps Maturity Feedback

GitLab provides users a score based on how they implement CI/CD pipeline tools for DevOps. Suggestions include areas outside the GitLab CI/CD pipeline as well. It ensures the team ships correct software, fixes bugs, and accounts for proper implementation.

Our Refined GitLab Project Management Development Process

  • Initial Evaluation
  • Analyse
  • Integration Build
  • Test
  • Implement
  • Validate, Enrich, & Expand

Our Flexible Engagement Models

We are aware of clients’ requirements. Therefore, our engagement models are flexible, customizable, and pocket-friendly.


Benefits of GitLab Project Management Technologies

Complete DevOps

GitLab covers all stages of the DevOps lifecycle, from managing and planning to deploying and monitoring.

All in One

GitLab provides everything from value stream and reporting to planning tools, registries, CI/CD, testing, and other things.

Cloud & Deployment Agnostic

You can deploy GitLab anywhere you wish. Similarly, you can prefer any cloud service for deployment.

Built-in Security

GitLab allows you to automate your security and compliance policies. You can get visibility and traceability to see who changed what, when, and where across all DevOps functions.

Collaboration Platform

GitLab is for Dev, Sec, Ops, and everyone who cares about your code. You will get a collaborative environment on GitLab for tech and non-tech stakeholders in your projects.

Open Source

GitLab is an open-source platform. So, everyone can benefit from all its innovations. Thousands of developers are working on GitLab and contributing continuously.


Frequently askedquestions

GitLab offers a DevOps software package. It includes the ability to develop, secure, and operate software in a single platform. In addition, GitLab brings the team together; it helps shorten the cycle, cut costs, strengthen security, and enhance productivity.

  • Epics
  • Boards
  • GitLab milestones
  • Sprint milestones
  • Quarter backlog milestones
  • Shape-up milestones
  • Issues
  • Labels
  • Merge requests
  • Commits conventions
  • Burndown charts
  • Roadmap
  • Projects
  • Groups

1. Every hour

2. Time Doctor

3. QuickBooks Time


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Briskstar uses GitLab as a project management tool. Do you have any queries regarding GitLab? Feel free to ask our developers.

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