• February 27, 2018
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  • .Net Core and MVC (C#)

ASP.NET is a vital component of the DOT Net framework and is a standard and stable tool for present day software programmers and developers for building applications for the Internet. ASP.NET is amongst the most favored technologies for building dynamic web pages, feature rich websites as well as web-centric applications. Unlike other web applications, ASP.NET is a server-side scripting technology that utilizes the Windows Web Server to host ASP.NET websites or applications.

ASP.NET is a boon for those websites which need to update their content frequently or need to be updated automatically. Here are some of the advantages of using ASP.NET:

Based on server side scripting technology, which is why the code is processed on the windows server before it is displayed in the web browser. Therefore, ASP.net applications execute more quickly than interpreted scripts

With ASP.NET, on-the-fly updates of deployed web applications are possible. This does not need the restarting of the server.

Additionally, ASP.Net provides automatic state management for web page controls. This is also called server controls. ASP.Net also offers the ability to create new as well as customized server controls from existing controls.

ASP.NET also provides built-in features for caching frequently requested web pages on the server. Additional features provided are localizing content for specific languages as well as cultures and even detecting browser capabilities.

ASP.NET also provides full support for XML, CSS and other new as well as established web standards.

For the program logic, a developer can choose to write the code in more than 25 .NET languages. This includes C#, JScript, VB.Net, etc.

Therefore, ASP.NET Development has emerged as the de-facto standard in web programming and developing web based applications on a global basis. This is due to the robust framework of ASP.NET and the strong support base that ASP.NET has been able to build over the years

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